Westworld | Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: “Vanishing Point”

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Westworld | Season 2, Episode 9: “Vanishing Point”

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jo Garfein (@jopinionated) are back to dig down into the rabbit hole of WESTWORLD, but please! Don’t dig into your arm! Super gross! This week, it’s all about the Man in Black losing his mind in “Vanishing Point,” not to mention the other game-changing moves made along the way. At the end, some final predictions are made as we head toward the season finale, not to mention the Valley Beyond.
  • TrentC

    Another great episode, really enjoyed this one. I compared this show to some of the ideas in Battlestar Galactica, as downloading consciousness is an idea common to both. Westworld is also creating a similar sense of paranoia with the scenes of mistrust and suspicion over who is really a host?

    I don’t get a sense that one show is borrowing ideas from the other. More so that Westworld and BSG have excellent threads within them and these threads serve the subject matter well in both cases.

    And how much damage can the Man in Black/Jimmi Simpson take? He’s been shot umpteen times and had no medical attention, yet he keeps on ticking!

  • TheTimelessOne

    I don’t understand why people think William is irredeemable. Yes he did a lot of bad things in the park and manipulating Delos family. But outside he was a good person at least he was acting like he was good and didn’t do anything evil outside. Inside he was a crazy but he did all those thinks thinking the hosts are not conscious because Ford added the reveries at start of season 1. The park was fine in the loops last 30 years. Also he didn’t shoot his daughter in cold blood with intention to kill his daughter. He was made to go crazy by Ford playing with his head all the time and when he shot her he wasnt shooting his daughter in his mind. Intent is very important not just the action. And he is not in the best state of mind because he was just shot 4 times and on the edge of death.
    And in LOST Ben was also evil manipulative character (that i liked all the way) but the people who hated him found him like he redeemed himself in the end after doing a lot of terrible things. In a way he also killed his daughter.
    William just wanted to destroy the immortality project and was thinking Ford is trying to stop him. And when he was saying to lawrence that up to the gala point the hosts were just following programming and were not conscious or free. Now that they are it matters how u treat them and he was ok with lawrence and didn’t even try to kill Maeve. They were just seeking revenge on him. And what did Maeve say to Dolores about revenge? Because she was trying to kill him she got shot and her daughter got caught by ghost nation (who we later learn are ok).