Westworld Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: “Journey Into Night”

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Josh Wigler recaps “Journey into Night”,  Season 2, Episode 1 Premiere of “Westworld”

Welcome back to “Welcome to Westworld,” the Post Show Recaps podcast hosted by Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jo Garfein (@jopinionated). This week, Josh and Jo break down the season premiere, “Journey Into Night,” the first new episode since season one ended in 2016. Spoiler alert: get ready for tons of LOST references.

  • TrentC

    Alright, J & J are back.

    I enjoy these Westworld podcasts not only for clarification on plot points, but also for Jo’s zany theories and predictions.

    Westworld is one of the few shows I watch where I think that I understood everything that just transpired, only to find out I wasn’t even close. And that’s a good thing.

    And can I just say that Dolores unbound is equal parts terrifying and absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. Evan Rachel Wood is in a class by herself as an actress.

  • Anita N.

    I’m very glad to see Jo & Josh back for another round. Here is one thought I had after this first episode.

    Ford’s new narrative, “Journey Into Night,” is in full effect. Bernard said the hosts are reading the guests as other hosts, allowing them to use deadly force. All of the hosts are talking about “the journey to The Valley Beyond.” The stableboy, Dolores, and Rebus mention it. Rebus said to his sidekick something like, “You’ll need better aim if you hope to make the journey.” Not all of the hosts can make the journey, as Dolores told the Ghost Nation warrior before she killed him. I think The Valley Beyond is the world outside of Westworld that Dolores makes clear she intends to invade and conquer. I, for one, am rooting for her, and welcome our new robot overlords.

    Perhaps the taking of guest DNA that Bernard discovers is happening is part of a Delos plan to replace key figures in politics, finance, and the tech industry with lookalike hosts Delos can control. The park is a playground for the rich and powerful, and the DNA and event logs associated with those guests are part of “the package” Charlotte has been assigned to deliver via Abernathy. I don’t think this was part of Ford’s plan, but if Dolores can get herself, Maeve, and some others out into the world, having hosts already set up in positions of power and influence could make her “host takeover” a lot easier.

  • D2daB

    Great discussion! I loved the premiere – everything is amok!

    I just found this podcast after binging S1 a few months back and now eager to watch S2 in realtime. (Is it now?)

    I appreciate your thoughts on how TPTB might be playing with timelines – it seems seems both obvious that they would try to do so and obviously that they can’t get us as they did last time (can they??).

    I think there could be other reasons that the Chinese military showed up – just too many potential scenarios. Maybe they are used to getting some reassuring beacon that hasn’t been sent in 2 weeks? Or maybe the floating body thing…

    I like Jo’s ideas about Bernard’s glasses.

    I’m very intrigued as to what will unfold the rest of the season. Can’t wait to watch (and listen) more!

  • Ana Horvat

    This was so helpful to get my head around this episode. I forgot most of season 1 finale plot apart from Bernard revelation and Maeve’s story. I’m all excited for part two now you refreshed my memory.
    I feel this season will be even better than first. First was ‘welcome to Jurassic Park’ portion of it, and second is the great part – fences are down, velociraptor’s cage is empty; let the games begin!

  • Chris

    Excellent work. Thanks for doing this! Ive been spreading the word to people who watch the show but don’t listen to podcasts. WWS1 was the first scripted recap show I ever listened to and it remains my favourite. Keep up the great work. Really love the “animals are surveiling the hosts” theory.

  • Amber Evers

    So happy that there’s this content. I don’t have many people to discuss WW with let alone put the tin foil hat on with & chew on conspiracy theories so it’s fun to listen to people of like mind 🙂

  • CamPT

    Fantastic work guys. Great to have this podcast, and some very solid theories on what might eventuate.