Westworld | Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: “The Riddle of the Sphinx”

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Westworld | Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: “The Riddle of the Sphinx”

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) recaps the latest episode of Westworld, “Riddle of the Sphinx,” and his recap comes with an asterisk.

You know what they say: if you aim to cheat the devil, you owe him an offering — and in the case of the latest Welcome to Westworld podcast, the offering is co-host Jo Garfein (@jopinionated), who sadly could not appear this week due to being sick. Get well soon, Jo, and we’ll see you at Shogun World!

While our regular co-host is on the mend, Josh is joined this week by Emily Fox (@emelette), and how appropriate! In “Riddle of the Sphinx,” it’s revealed that Emily, the Man in Black’s daughter, is the same guest who escaped from The Raj in episode three. The Man in Black and Emily have reunited, just as Josh’s very bad Ed Harris impression and Emily have joined forces on the podcast. 

In their conversation about “Riddle of the Sphinx,” Josh and Emily weigh in on what some fans have described as the best episode of Westworld yet, the various sequences involving Peter Mullan as James Delos, the possibilities and implications of the human-host hybrid experiments, the Man in Black’s apparent redemption arc, the return of Elsie Stubbs (!!), the secrets of Ghost Nation, and much more.

Let us know what you think of this week’s podcast in the comments below and send us your questions through our feedback form. Josh and Jo will be back next week to discuss episode five of season two, “Akane No Mai,” where all things Shogun World shall be revealed.

  • Anita N.

    This was the Patton Oswalt Star Wars Filibuster edition of the “Welcome To Westworld” Podcast. I’m exhausted.

    Unless it’s a THR policy, just put your Samuel L. Jackson Kanga on and say mutherfucker. Anyone listening to a WW podcast…watches Westworld. Not sure whose delicate sensibilities are at stake. “Motherforker” somehow sounds even dirtier than the actual word.

  • Megan

    Missed hearing Jo’s take on this week’s phenomenal episode (maybe the best WW episode ever IMO)…but loved hearing from Josh’s wife Emily and all her takes on this season! Loved the old Logan/Eric Bana idea. I still haven’t given up hope that we are going to see old Logan at some point. William could have been lying to fake-James Delos about Logan’s overdose or Logan could have faked his death? IDK if that’s too soap-opera-y for this show, but I could see Logan having the resources to do it.

  • TrentC

    It is so nice to see a show improve rather than devolve as it progresses. And in this case, it was great from the outset.

    Westworld just keeps putting the bar up higher and without a misstep or false note throughout the journey.

  • This is simply my favorite episode of all Westworld episodes and probably of all I saw in 2018 so far. Well done!

  • Andiamo

    I forgot Ford shot Bernard so that makes sense why he’s glitching out now, and it leads me to crazy theory time: Ford shot Bernard so that Arnold could live. The red ball Ford instructed Bernard to create is Arnold’s consciousness. Bernard was really just a placeholder until Ford could perfect the technology Delos was working on.

    The “Bernard” we see wash up on the shore in the first episode is really Arnold. He has a tremor, but it’s not the same as glitchy Bernard, it’s like Jim Delos’, a shadow of trouble perfecting the process, and it’s why “Bernard” scans as human now.

    I also think younger William will be behind “The Door.” Will Ed Harris have a choice between death (the only true thing) or immortality as AI younger William? Wondering how it might involve his daughter…

    Great job guys on this crazy, amazing episode.

    • Anita N.

      I’m in 100% agreement with your Bernarnold theory. He’s already built the host body, it stands to reason Ford would want to complete the job. Especially considering he now agrees with Arnold’s theory of host consciousness, he wants to give Arnold the chance to see his work fulfilled.

      The person we see Dolores talking to in the first scene of the season is the Arnold hybrid, not Bernard or Original Arnold.

      • TrentC

        I’m gonna need a chart when this is all done. Damn.

      • Andiamo

        I was thinking the first scene might be Arnold hybrid too. I went back and rewatched it with that in mind and it makes the scene, and Dolores, seem a lot more sinister.

        • TrentC

          I think the key elements to determining who/what Arnold is at what time, are his shaking hand and the glasses, as Jo postulated.

          • Andiamo

            Ahh thanks. That’s what I get for missing the first podcast. I’ll have to go back and listen.