WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER | A Fireside Recap Podcast

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Put on your favorite zoot suit, settle down next to the fire, and prepare for an hour more entertaining than every musical act in ELECTRO CITY combined!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) unpack their belongings and engage in a veritable burping battle to discuss all things WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, from the 2001 cult classic comedy, to the eight-episode Netflix TV revival. Josh and Mike talk about anything and everything that falls under the WET HOT banner, from nitty-gritty details about the movie to all the new characters introduced in FIRST DAY OF CAMP, as well as their own experiences as summer camp veterans.

As they mention multiple times throughout the podcast, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER is absolutely NOT for everyone. Both the movie and the TV series are weirder than weird, vulgar beyond belief, and absolutely NOT SAFE FOR WORK — even if the podcast itself is clean! If you’re not up for something totally ridiculous, then this show is not for you. Proceed at your own risk. Otherwise, for all you Camp Firewood faithful, this is the podcast for you.

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  • Carol Gillis

    Haven’t seen the original film, but home sick with a cold over the past few days and watched the whole series. Crazy terrible in some ways but crazy good on the flipside. Ahha. Looking forward to listening to your take now. Thanks.

  • Carol Gillis

    As a former camper and then Drama camp counselor, I am loving you two talking about your past camp performances. And it was the eighties for me. Ahem. Okay, back to the podcast. Really enjoying this.

  • Carol Gillis

    Okay, loving the “something has to be broken inside” to really appreciate this. I agree. We are a broken lot. Okay, will stop now and hopefully other broken humans will comment.

  • While I don’t share the same love of either the WHAS movie or tv show as you guys, as a podcast I really like the idea of Post Show Recaps doing just a 1-2 hour series summary podcast servicing less viewed shows every now and again.

    When Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt came out I was on the fence about whether to watch it but listened to the first 15 minutes of Bloom’s podcast of that which made me want to watch it.

    It’s better for Netflix shows. But this type of podcast could definitely work after a debut shows first season has finished and it could give people the opportunity to find new shows they’d overlooked or have never heard of. Mr Robot & Humans are 2 that come to mind that are very underrated and could hook people in if they knew about it.

    Anyways, great work Wigloom.