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The Return of The X-Files| Most Shows Recapped Ep 17

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Josh Wigler, Antonio Mazzaro, Rob Cesternino and AJ Mass welcome back “The X-Files” after a long hiatus, and take a fresh look at FOX’s new miniseries today on ‘Most Shows Recapped.’

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“The X-Files Premiere Was Terrible, And I Still Loved It”


Fitz’s mission statement: “To provide a great mix between what they call ‘monster of the week’ episodes, and the overall mythology of the show, meticulously crafted for your quick binge pleasure.”

Pilot (S1)
Squeeze (S1)
Jersey Devil (S1)
Fallen Angel (S1)
E.B.E. (S1)
Tooms (S1)
The Erlenmeyer Flask (S1)
The Little Green Men (S2)
The Host (S2)
Duane Barry (S2)
Ascension (S2)
One Breath (S2)
End Game (S2)
Soft Light (S2)
Anasazi (S2)
The Blessing Way (S3)
The Paperclip (S3)
Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (S3)
731 (S3)
Piper Maru (S3)
Apocrypha (S3)
Jose Chung’s From Outer Space (S3)
Talitha Cumi (S3)
Herrenvolk (S4)
Home (S4)
Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (S4)
Paper Hearts (S4)
Tempus Fugit (S4)
Max (S4)
Small Potatoes (S4)
Gethsemane (S4)
Redux (S5)
Redux II (S5)
Unusual Suspects (S5)
Post Modern Prometheus (S5)
Bad Blood (S5)
Patient X (S5)
Red and the Black (S5)
The End (S5)
The Beginning (S6)
The Drive (S6)
Triangle (S6)
Dreamland 1 (S6)
Dreamland 2 (S6)
Two Fathers (S6)
One Son (S6)
Arcadia (S6)
The Unnatural (S6)
Millenium (S7)
Sein and Zeit (S7)
Closure (S7)
X-Cops (S7)
Hollywood A.D. (S7)
Requim (S7)
Within (S8)
Without (S8)
The Gift (S8)
Deadalive (S8)
Three Words (S8)
Essence (S8)
Existence (S8)
Nothing Important (S9)
Nothing Important 2 (S9)
Provenance (S9)
Providence (S9)
Jump the Shark (S9)
William (S9)
The Truth Parts 1 & 2 (S9)

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  • ryan

    I look at TV ratings a ton and Rob said Scorpion beat The X-Files in the ratings Monday. Rob you are correct when you look at how many people watched but you shouldn’t really judge it on how many people watched. You need look at the 18-49 rating where The X-Files crushed it. A lot old people love CBS.

    • Russ W

      Probably because of the popularity of Agent John Doggett of the X-Files, aka Agent Cabe Gallo on Scorpion. 😉

  • Charles Bikle

    Robert Patrick starred on the X-Files as well as Scorpion.

  • Charles Bikle

    All seasons of the X-Files have been on Netflix for awhile now and it’ll be interesting to see if the new Twin Peaks (also on Netflix) show gets a similar ratings boost when it premieres.

  • TrentC

    Big fan of the old series and got a little chill up my spine watching the new/old opening credits for this one. My only complaint is that by episode two, it felt like they were already returning to their old habit of saying – It looks like this, but it’s really this! Not sure if I’m onboard for another nine years of Maybe-Aliens.

    In unrelated news there was a spin off series featuring three quirky members from the original X-Files called The Lone Gunmen that had enjoyable characters and plots. Gunmen was more focused on conspiracy theories and contained more humor than The X-Files. In a rather scary coincidence, the pilot episode was entitled Pilot and was about an underground shadow government who wanted to fly a commercial airliner into the Twin Towers in order to increase arms revenue. The episode aired March/2001.

  • KB

    Glen Morgan was on Kumail Nanjiani’s podcast and said Home Again will not have the Peacock brothers. They just named it Home Again to mess with people. Hopefully not true but maybe lower your expectations. He said it will actually be a Scully/motherhood episode.

  • Abby

    I 100% agree with the excerpt that Josh read. “If the X-Files UFO is going down, I’m going down with it.” DITTO.
    I don’t care if it’s awful. I don’t care of everyone else hates it. I will love every minute.

  • Matt Racine

    Most Shows Recapped should discuss How To Get Away With Murder before it’s return this February. Watched the whole series over this past Christmas, and probably twice more since then haha. Such a fun show! Glad to hear Josh has been checking it out haha