Westworld | Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: “Les Écorchés”

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Westworld | Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: “Les Écorchés”

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) returns to “Welcome to Westworld,” just in time for Robert Ford’s first major comeback episode!

This week on the podcast, Josh and Jo (@jopinionated) dig into Dolores’ assault on the Mesa, our best look yet at Evil Teddy, the ramifications of the Cradle’s destruction and what may lie ahead at the Valley Beyond, why the HBO series might take a turn for The Matrix, and much more.

  • Survivor Reacts

    “Three episodes left and I still have no effing clue… It is blissfully confusing… I am so lost”

    Is there any weight behind the argument that the production team purposefully keeps the storyline so ambiguous so that people can write their own narrative based on their own theories and conclusions drawn from the show? By raising so many questions each episode, do the producers want the viewers to “choose their own fate” aka choose how they interpret the show from week to week?

    A simpler, more poetic read on it is merely that as the hosts climb further and further out of the darkness, the viewers fall further and further into the darkness.

  • Tim Forbes

    Maybe it’s just me, I didn’t find this episode that confusing. I thought this episode was a lot more staight forward. I find Westworld a lot easier to follow compared to shows like Legion.

  • CamPT

    Another fantastic episode. This show keeps taking things to another level.