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Rob and Josh both feel bad for Audrey and they think she’s been through enough.  Audrey and Cheng have a dark and tormented history.  Rob mentions that any woman that Jack meets is either kidnapped, murdered, assaulted; you name it.

Jack Bauer confronting Mark Boudreau is one of the best scenes of the night for Rob.  Audrey is at the mercy of Cheng right now.  Josh wants to see Jack brutally killing Cheng next week.

Josh thinks that Chloe’s move when Cheng’s guys were trying to take her out and she fell on top of a cellphone was sort of lame but it worked since she got the recording but Cheng didn’t fall for it.

Josh thinks Cheng is too focused on getting out of England with his head intact.  He realizes there is a ticking clock with Bauer and having Audrey is ammunition against Bauer.  Having Chloe under his thumb is also ammunition against Bauer.

Rob thinks Erik is becoming a good CIA director.  Gavin finds out that the Russians are tracking Jack and the President’s Chief of Staff requested it and Mark Boudreau is busted.  They also find out that the Russians and Chinese are working together.

Kate is wondering why Mark Boudreau is helping them.  Josh thinks it could be as simple as Mark being a jerk.

One of Rob’s most favorite parts of the episode is the phone call between Audrey and Jack.  Josh says Audrey likes it when Jack kills people.  Audrey basically likes a cold-blooded killer over Mark, who is  Mr. Nice Guy and  the President’s chief of staff.

Rob’s favorite President Heller scene of all time is when Jack comes in and says he wants to speak with Heller and Mark.  So they go in there and Jack has Mark up against the wall and Rob thinks Heller is really funny in that scene.  So Mark tries to spin things around.  And Jack reveals what Mark has got to do with the Russians.  Josh loves how Jack Bauer insults people.  Rob says his profanity level is in 4th grade.

This is perhaps the most badass move Chloe has ever done is when Cheng is driving around and Chloe just dives into the moving van.  She jumped onto a moving vehicle and took a nap at the woods for a while.  Josh says there is no way that Chloe is dead right now, considering she is one of the major characters.

Heller back in his mission control is starting to get nervous and drops the pills on the floor.  Josh thinks this just shows Heller has had a really rough, freaking day. The Chinese launched off two missiles and they cut out the satellite and Josh thinks it’s a great move.

Josh comments the thugs for this season are just disappointing.  Mark and the Russian guy talk and it comes down to money, as it always done.  Josh says, Mark should’ve demanded  barrels of oil.

Josh says Boudreau’s best moment of the season is him wrestling with Batman Beard.  Rob agrees that it was his very strong moment.  Everyone thought he was going to die.  Well it was the obvious move but he didn’t get killed and Josh thinks this is a good move by 24.  Josh also thinks the ghosts of the past are here to haunt Jack Bauer.

Rob is wondering how Cheng knows where Audrey is going and where she should be.  Josh says it’s time to bust out the mole patrol. Who’s left?  Josh suspects it would be someone from the White House.

Josh explains how Audrey got abducted in China back in Season 6.  Josh says Cheng may need Audrey in order to get hold of Jack Bauer.  A lot will still happen next week.  Josh says it would’ve been wiser if they went with 13 episodes.

The hosts are answering questions from the audience. Josh is guessing Mark gets to go away from this because he helped Jack. Josh senses Mark is going to be okay though he would love to see him in jail.  Josh thinks both Mark and Audrey would make it alive.  But there’s a chance that Audrey dies next week.

Josh admits there was a moment he thought Audrey was working with Cheng, but he was glad it didn’t go that way.  Rob says it would’ve been pretty good.  Josh thinks it’s highly possible Jack won’t be killing Cheng in the final episode and he is definitely rooting against that outcome.

24 Live Another Day Recap: Review of Episode 11

24: Live Another Day Recap: Review of Episode 11

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