24 Live Another Day Episode 4 Recap: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap the latest hour in the life of Jack Bauer on our recap of 24: Live Another Day Episode 4

In this episode Rob and Josh tackle the following questions:

  • Was this episode the high point in the four hours we’ve seen so far on 24: Live Another Day?
  • Why has Belichek been criminally underused so far this season?
  • How happy are Rob and Josh that it finally looks like Jack and Kate Morgan are on the same page?
  • How badly did Navid screw up by telling Simone that he wanted out?
  • Is Jack Bauer the nicest hostage taker of all time?
  • Were the fears of President Heller speaking in front of parliament extremely unfounded?
  • Did President Heller really do an about face extremely quickly after telling Jack to take his time and then telling the Marines to go in when they were ready?
  • How many more episodes until Mark and Audrey break up?
  • How easy is it to be a drone pilot?  Is it like playing a video game?
  • Who are the leading suspects in our ongoing #MolePatrol?
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