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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler look back at Season 2 of 24 as they continue their season watch to prepare for May’s premier of 24: Live Another Day.

Rob and Josh begin by discussing 24 Day 2’s place in history and how it was the first season planned after 9/11.  The season had a heavy focus on fears of Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism, treatment of Muslim-Americans and the use of torture (the use of torture in season two is a HUGE jump from season one)

Josh starts the recap with Jack Bauer who is reeling from Teri’s death and is bearded, depressed and unemployed. He’s called back into CTU because he has a deep-cover connection with terrorists associated with a plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles at some point during the day. It’s a day of redemption for Jack.

Day 2 is also our first day with David Palmer as president. He’s in Oregon on a fishing trip with his son when it begins. Then he learns about the nuke and it’s full-on. As if that’s not bad enough, he learns that there are people within his administration conspiring to take him down. By the end of the day, the conspiracy reveals itself: The Vice President, with the help of Palmer’s chief of staff Mike, invoke the 25th Ammendment and remove Palmer from office. Palmer eventually gets the job back, shortly before he’s poisoned by Mandy in the season-closing scene.

Rob and Josh discuss the Kim Bauer storyline and how infamously bad it was.  Josh rehashes Kim’s argument with her abusive employer, fleeing from the police, being chased by a cougar and being captured by Johnny Drama in one day.  Rob and Josh spend a lot of time talking about the reasons why there was such a backlash over the cougar scene with the fans of the show.

One of the highlights of the season is the four-episode arc with Nina Meyers. She knows stuff about the bomb so Jack needs to call her in. These episodes are great. Josh thinks its really cool to see Nina “without the mask on”.

While most of the attention was focused on Jack or Kim with the cougar, Josh thinks George Mason’s storyline was one of the best.  George Mason was able to get his redemption after getting a death sentence from a radiation leak.  With only having a few days to live, George was able to save Jack’s life by flying the plane with the nuclear weapon on it and detonating it over the desert.

In the romance department, Kate Warner is “the love interest” of the day, kind of. Her sister ends up being a terrorist, and you can see that twist coming miles ahead if you have ever exposed yourself to a mystery story before. Also, Papa Warner is played by Jack’s dad from Lost.

Josh cites Jack Bauer’s Most Badass Move of the Day: A toss-up between “I’m going to need a hacksaw,” and the time that he died but got brought back to life and then proceeded to run around for four more hours before having a heart attack while breaking a dude’s neck.

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