24 Season 7 Recap: A Rewatch of 24′s 7th Season


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LIVE at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT on Tuesday, April 22nd, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler look back at 24 Season 7.

In this episode Rob and Josh Discuss:

  • Why does Josh loves Season 7 of 24?
  • There was no 24 in 2008, thanks to the writer’s strike. How did the writer’s strike hurt or benefit Season 7?
  • To make up for the yearlong absence of 24, Fox offers up 24: REDEMPTION, a two-hour TV movie set in Africa. What’s the quick take on REDEMPTION? How does it set up Season 7?
  • Does 24: REDEMPTION tell us anything about 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY?
  • Moving onto Season 7, what’s the setup for the season?
  • Goodbye Los Angeles, hello Washington. What does the new D.C. location do for 24? Does it work?
  • Goodbye CTU, hello FBI. Does 24 benefit from losing CTU? How is the FBI portrayed? What does Josh like about these characters?
  • Goodbye Wayne Palmer, hello Allison Taylor. 24 introduces a new, female president into the mix. What’s she like? Is she a strong character?
  • Goodbye Tony Almeida, hello Evil Tony Almeida. The big controversy of Season 7: 24 turns Tony into a villain. Does it work? Do we buy his “resurrection,” and do we buy the character as a villain?
  • Hello Renee Walker. 24 introduces its best female lead yet. Why is Renee so awesome?
  • Hello Larry Moss, and goodbye Larry Moss. The head of the FBI is one of Josh’s favorite characters this season, and one of his all-time favorites. Why? And how does he die?
  • Goodbye Bill Buchanan. Pour one out for the longest-running head of CTU. Why does Josh like Bill’s death so much?
  • Hello Jon Voight. The Oscar-winning actor is the big bad of Season 7, and it’s great. Enough said?
  • Some of the characters really don’t work, including Billy Walsh from “Entourage” as the FBI Mole, and Janeane Garofalo as the new Chloe O’Brien.
  • Kim Bauer update. Has 24 finally figured out how to make Kim work?
  • Goodbye Jack Bauer. He spends slightly less than half the day infected with a lethal pathogen, and given a terminal diagnosis. It’s an interesting idea that yields some good moments but doesn’t totally work. What’s good and bad about this?
  • What’s Bauer’s most badass move of the day?
  • MVP? LVP?
  • Where is Season 7 in Josh’s power-rankings?
  • How does this season Setup for Season 8?


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