Boardwalk Empire Final Season Recap – Episode 4 “Cuanto”

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Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) recap episode 4 of the final season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, “Cuanto”.

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Show Notes:


• Why is Enoch so bothered by the swells?

• What did we learn from the dinner scene at Sheriff Lindsay house?

 • Enoch request to have his father jailed or killed. Does this shows us that Enoch was breaking bad at an early age?

• Will Sheriff Lindsay be more of a mentor to Enoch than the Commodore?

• Will we see a teen Enoch and Eli next?

 Atlantic City

 • Joe is not interested in teaming up with Nucky, because Scotch does not mix with rum. What do we make of this?

• Did we like how Nucky and Margaret open up about there first impressions of each other?

• What do we think of Nucky’s solution to the problem with Rothstein’s widow?

• Is Nucky up to something else?


• What is going on with Bacardi?

• Sally gets killed by local authorities. Would things have been different if Nucky was there to deliver the money?

• Is this the end of the Bacardi deal?


• Wallace Beery plays a gangster in the movie The Secret Six. Is this why Al Capone was offended by this reference?

 • Do we like the clear Goodfellas reference?

• Did we think Van was a goner when Luciano recognizes him?

• How awesome was the Van shakedown scene?

• What is going to happen to Van, now that the Feds know who he is?

 • It looks like Al Capone plans to help Nucky, what does this mean for Luciano’s plan?


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