Boardwalk Empire Final Season Recap – Episode 5 “King of Norway”

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Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) recap episode 5 of the final season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, “King of Norway”.

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Show Notes:


  • Did Mark Pickering nail his performance as younger Nucky?
  • Does the Commodore like Nucky?
  • Mabel’s father clearly does not like Nucky. Are we surprised?
  • Is Sheriff Lindsay the only one trying to keep Nucky from going bad?
  • What happens to Sheriff Lindsay? Does Nucky push him out somehow?


  • Is Gillian going to break out?

Atlantic City

  • Should Chalky have taken Nucky’s advice and hide out in Atlantic City?
  • Who is Joe Harper?

New York


  • Does this seem like a good idea for Nucky to meet with Maranzano?
  • What do we think of Nucky’s move to use Margaret — for the purpose of shorting Mayflower Grain Corporation stock?
  • Will Nucky really kill Luciano and Lansky?
  • Ronis tells Nucky about Sally and informs him there will be no action. Can Nucky leave that alone?
  • What will Chalky do now after finding Daughter Maitland — and her 7-year-old daughter?


  • After hearing Nucky’s answer to his warning, Capone orders Mike D’Angelo and his men to move everything to Cicero immediately. Is this going to work?
  • Al Capone had debilitating constipation.
  • After Eli realizes that his wife June is pregnant again, he wants the family to move to Chicago. Is that a bad idea?
  • During the tense dinner at Van Alden’s kit house, Eli remembers he has been sleeping with Van’s wife Sigrid. What triggered his memory?
  • Haakon VII of Norway who became the first king of the country in 1907, was the photo on the Van Alden’s kitchen wall.
  • What will Eli and Van do, now that their backs are against the wall?
  • Will Eli and Van take down Capone?

The closing song is ‘Shout Sister Shout’ by the Boswell Sisters.

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