Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 11 Recap: Confessions


LIVE at 1:00 am ET / 10:00 pm PT, Rob Cesternino recaps Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 11 with our Breaking Bad expert, Antonio Mazzaro.  We’ll discuss what Jessie has to say to Hank and all the key moments from tonight’s show LIVE.

On tonight’s recap podcast, Rob and Antonio attempt to answer:

  • What happens next after Jesse pours out the gasoline at Walt’s house?
  • How did Jessie figure out what was going on and that Walt actually was the person who poisoned Brock?
  • How will Todd and his uncle factor in to the Breaking Bad story?
  • Will any of the main character kill themselves?
  • What are Walter’s tells when he goes in to manipulation mode?
  • Is there anything that Hank can do to outmaneuver Walter to avoid Walt framing him for the meth business?
  • Does the flash forward spoil that Jesse will be unsuccessful at lighting Walter’s house on fire?
  • Plus, why is Rob so frustrated with the media’s coverage of the New York Jets handling of Mark Sanchez in the third preseason game against the Giants this weekend.
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