Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 13 Recap: To’hajiilee


Live at 10 pm PT, Rob Cesternino talks with Antonio Mazzaro about Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 13: To’hajiilee. On tonight’s show Rob and Antonio discuss the following subjects from this weeks episode:

  • What is the fallout from this week’s big firefight cliffhanger that closed the show?  Who will live or die out of Gomez, Hank and Jessie?
  • After the firefight, what is next for Walt?
  • What does Todd’s Uncle, Jack, have in mind for Walt and / or Jessie once the smoke clears from the firefight?
  • What will Marie do with the information that Hank gave to her on the phone in his phone conversation with her?
  • Is there a “Methmance” developing between Todd and Lydia?
  • How badly did Hewell get screwed over by Hank in tonight’s episode?
  • Why did the show spend so much time with Brock and Andrea in tonight’s episode if Walt’s plan was going to be thwarted so easily by Hank.
  • Who had a worse night, Walter White or David Wilson?
  • Was the sequence at the car wash with Walt Jr. the last time that Walter White will ever see his family?
  • Was tonight the last time we will ever see Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad?
  • Was the admission that Walter made to Jessie on the phone admissible in a court of law as evidence?
  • Which of Walt’s immediate family members are the most likely to die in the final three episodes?
  • What will be the timeline of events for the final three episodes of Breaking Bad?

Let us hear your own Breaking Bad thoughts and theories in the comments.  Tune in next Sunday night as we recap next week’s episode of the show and find out who Survived the shootout in the desert.

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