Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 15 Recap: Granite State

LIVE at 1:00 am ET / 10:00 pm PT, Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro recap Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 15 entitled, Granite State.

In tonight’s Recap Rob and Antonio will discuss the following questions:

  • After seeing Elliot and Gretchen interviewed by Charlie Rose, where does Walter White go after leaving the bar?
  • Is “Breaking Bad” making a mistake by bringing up the “Gray Matter” storyline with so little time left in the show?
  • We’ll revisit everybody’s favorite game: Who gets the Ricin and who gets the M60?
  • What ends up happening to Jesse in the finale considering he is still a prisoner of the Neo-Nazis with seemingly no escape?
  • Was tonight’s episode actually a premise pilot for “Better Call Saul” where Saul Goodman starts up a new practice in Nebraska?
  • What do we think ends up happening to Skyler, Walt Jr. Flynn and baby Holly in the finale?
  • What will now end up happening to Walt’s remaining barrel of money in the New Hampshire cabin?  Will Robert Forster end up getting to keep all of the money?
  • Just how long was Walter in the cabin for?
  • What will end up happening to Television’s hottest romantic subplot, the Breaking Bad-mance between Todd and Lydia?
  • What will end up happening to Brock after Andrea was gunned down this week?
  • Will Todd , Uncle Jack and rest of the Neo-Nazis make it through the finale alive?
  • How will Breaking Bad end?

It’s the last Breaking Bad podcast before next Sunday’s Breaking Bad finale entitled, “FeLiNa” which is an anagram for the word “Finale”.

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