Community Building | Season 1, Episode 8: “Home Economics”

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Community Building | Season 1, Episode 8: “Home Economics”

Welcome to “Community Building,” a Post Show Recaps patron-built podcast about the NBC sitcom “Community,” hosted by Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jess Sterling (@TheJessSterling). Each week, “Community” super fan Jess guides “Community” newcomer Josh through Greendale Community College and the central study group’s antics, along with help from the Post Show Recaps community.

This week, Josh and Jess take on “Home Economics,” an episode so good they need another Jess along for the ride. Good thing they have the exact person in mind: Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) takes the stage!

For those who want to follow the podcast format, here’s how each episode breaks down: 

• The Recap: Straightforward! Josh and Jess recap the given episode of “Community.”

• FCommunity: Also known as “Feedback Community,” in which listeners submit their feedback for the show.

• MeowMeowBeanz: Josh, Jess and their guest assign points to the study group on a scale of 0 – 1 MeowMeowBeanz. They will keep a running tally of the points all series long.

• Dean’s List: Josh, Jess and the guest give a side character a bonus point on the Dean’s List.

• The Cool-Cool-Cool-Coolant System: Josh, Jess, guests and listeners score each episode on a scale of 0 to 4 possible Cools.

• Streets Ahead/Behind: A pass-fail system to grade each end-credits scene.

Plus, bonus segments for the patrons, including:

• Awkward cold opens and secret endings;

• Early episode access;

• Ability to listen to the podcast live;

• Bonus “Community Building” episodes;

And more! Send feedback to [email protected], and enjoy the show!

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