Endings and Beginnings: The Post Show Recaps Series Finale

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Endings and Beginnings: The Post Show Recaps Series Finale

It’s the final episode of Post Show Recaps! But it’s also a series of new beginners for the network’s various podcasters, including three who were there from the very beginning: Josh Wigler, Rob Cesternino, and Antonio Mazzaro. The trio unite one last time to send PSR off with the salute it deserves. Stay subscribed to this feed as PSR will morph into its next stage in the summer of 2024.

Follow the Post Show Recaps graduate class at their new homes, listed below and updating as new shows emerge.

Down the Hatch with Josh Wigler and Mike Bloom

Arcade Pizza with Corey B., JD and Karen

Crying Laughing with Ariel and Amanda

Screen & Page with DM Filly, Taylor and Pres

Nothing But Netflix with Chappell and Josh currently filling in for Rob

The Movie Ladder Podcast with Brendan Fitzpatrick and Zack Brooks

Recap Kickback with Chappell

Shit 90s Shows Taught Me with Jess Sterling and Sara Fergensen

Talkin Schitt with Jess Sterling and Stuart Traynor

Whirlwind Podcasts with a staggering amount of your favorite podcasters

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