Exploring the Trauma of Yellowjackets

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Exploring the Trauma of Yellowjackets

Post Show Recaps covers “Yellowjackets,” the Showtime thriller about a high school girls’ soccer team stranded in the wild and forced to survive extreme threats of the natural and possibly supernatural variety.

Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci star as modern versions of four of the Yellowjackets, mysteriously alive in the present, though still haunted by their horrifying past. The series streams on Fridays and airs Sunday nights on Showtime, starting on March 24.

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward), Jess Sterling (@TheJessSterling), Grace Leeder (@hifromgrace), Marissa Garza (@marzbars) and LaTonya Starks (@lkstarks) are the team covering “Yellowjackets” this season, with multiple weekly podcasts plus bonus shows on the way.

This week, Jess, Marissa, and special guest, Melissa (@melissaw28) take a break from deep diving to analyze the way in which the characters of Yellowjackets process the trauma they experienced.

If you or if someone you know is in crisis we wanted to make sure you are aware of the resources you have available to you:


1-833-456-4566 (24/7)
1-866-277-3553 in Quebec (24/7)
Text to 45645

Links from the podcast:

‘Yellowjackets’ Executive Producers Explain Themes of Trauma and PTSD Explored in Season 2

From Jessie Gold, M.D – “I’m a Psychiatrist and ‘Yellowjackets’ Is One of the Best Portrayals of Trauma I’ve Seen On TV” (InStyle)

A therapist explains how a pivotal ‘Yellowjackets’ scene perfectly captures PTSD (LA Times)

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• Fridays: “Yellowjackets” First Buzz, covering new episodes

• Sundays: “Yellowjackets” Deep Dive, charting theories and reading listener feedback

• Midweek: “Yellowjackets” vs “Succession,” part of Josh and LaTonya’s PSR Versus series

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