Final Fantasy 5 | One Last Job

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Final Fantasy 5 | One Last Job

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Brooklyn Zed (@HardRockHope) play the “Final Fantasy” video games and then podcast about their experiences for the listeners of Post Show Recaps.

This week, Josh and Zed return after some time away from the podcast. Since last we met, Zed’s Twitch career has taken off, with a full playthrough of “Final Fantasy 5,” among other games. Just one problem: Zed beat “Final Fantasy 5,” and hated every second of it! This is their report on why “Final Fantasy 5” isn’t just Zed’s least favorite “Final Fantasy,” but their least favorite video game, period. Apologies to all “Final Fantasy 5” fans, but this is not the love fest you’re looking for. Good news: the next focus for the podcast should be a much happier time.

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