Final Fantasy VII Remake | Chapter 1 + Chapter 2 Recap

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Final Fantasy VII Remake | Chapter 1 + Chapter 2 Recap

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Brooklyn Zed (@hardrockhope) are podcasting about “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” the Square Enix video game based on the 1997 classic JRPG.

Having played the original FF7 back when it was first released as well as thoroughly obliterating “Final Fantasy VII Remake” when it first came out in 2020, Josh is returning to the world of Midgar for the first time to check out what’s new in “Intergrade,” including an all-new chapter starring Yuffie Kisaragi. For their part, Zed is just now playing “Remake” for the first time, having already played the original FF7 twice now. This podcast is filled with spoilers for the original FF7, but will not feature “Remake” spoilers until Zed finishes the game.

This week, Josh and Zed begin their “Final Fantasy VII Remake” adventure, walking through the events of the first two chapters of the game. As such, Josh and Zed are just getting reacquainted with Midgar, including a first run at a Mako Reactor, a boss fight with the Scorpion Sentinel, an unexpected encounter with an old enemy (just now they saw Sephiroth), a reunion with a certain “flower peddler,” and more.

If you want to play along while you listen to the podcast journey, “Final Fantasy VII Remake” is available now only on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Additionally, Josh and Zed are also playing “Final Fantasy XIV” with the patrons of Post Show Recaps. Want to play along with them? Amazing! Join us at by signing up at the Discord level.

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