Final Fantasy XVI Review + Coverage Kickoff

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Final Fantasy XVI Review + Coverage Kickoff

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Brooklyn Zed (@hardrockhope) are playing “Final Fantasy XVI,” the newest adventure in Square-Enix’s long-running Final Fantasy franchise. In “Final Fantasy XVI,” players explore the world of Valisthea in the role of Clive Rosfield, Shield of Rosaria, whose fiery destiny comes into the focus over the course of the Final Fantasy series’ sixteenth mainline title. The game releases June 22, available only for PlayStation 5.

This week, Josh and Zed discuss what to expect from “Final Fantasy XVI,” based on Zed’s experience with the demo, and Josh’s experience with… ALL OF IT! Well, most of it. Having already completed an initial playthrough of the game, Josh tells you what he learned from his time playing as Clive Rosfield, how the combat system works, why the Eikon and summons of “Final Fantasy XVI” are among the very best in the series, and much more.

Hang with Josh and Zed all summer as they check in and out of “Final Fantasy XVI,” plus other stories from Zed’s time twitching the Final Fantasy games and more at
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