Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: The Laws of Gods and Men


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Episode #6 Title: The Laws of Gods and Men Recap

Episode Air Date: May 11th, 2014

Episode recap written by Jason de Lima & Jennifer Heinke

This week Josh returns to the show and joins Rob to recap Episode #6 The Laws of Gods and Men. They both feel this was a top to bottom great episode, with Rob going as far as to say it is the best episode of the Season so far. Josh says that everything about this episode was great, especially leading up to Tyrion’s trial which was simply monumental.

Stannis & Davos: The Iron Bank of Bravos (10:14)

In the opening scene of this episode we go to Bravos for the first time where we find Stannis and Davos meeting with representatives from the Iron Bank. Rob wonders if they are applying for a business loan and whether they are required to show their business plan to the representatives. At first the bankers decline Stannis and Davos based on the grounds that Tommen currently sits on the Iron Throne and because they have hardly any collateral to back a loan.

As the bankers dismiss them and Stannis prepares to leave, Davos gives the bankers one last plea. Davos tells the bankers that the Lannisters are unreliable and can’t  pay back their debt, that Tywin is old and once he passes all that will be left is a half-grown king, Cersei, a queen whose people despise her, and Jaime the Kingslayer. He also points out that that Stannis has the best claim to the throne and then shows the bankers his mutilated hand as proof that Stannis pays back his debts.

Rob questions Josh on how exactly Stannis will be able to pay back the bankers after having taken King’s Landing; he wonders if they’ll raises taxes on the common people. Josh then suggests pimping out the Lannisters to which Rob replies that Prince Oberyn would probably pay a lot for a night with the Lannisters. Rob also asks Josh about the backstory behind Davos’ missing fingers. Josh replies that Stannis has unbreakable morals, and he’ll break before he bends. Overall Josh really likes this scene; however, he feels like it may be overshadowed by the rest of the episode.

Davos & Salladhor Saan: Bro it up in the Brothel (17:00)

In the next scene Davos sneaks up on Salladhor Saan who is bathing in a brothel. Davos offers Salladhor a job which he dismisses. At that point Davos tosses a leather pouch to Salladhor with gold coins in it and says “I’ll see you at sunrise”. This shows that Stannis got his loan from the Iron Bank.

Josh asks Rob whether he’s feeling better about the ominous Iron Bank of Bravos which we had only heard about up till this point. Rob states how he is liking it more. They both reflect on how Stannis seemed down and out after the Battle of the Blackwater, but now things seem to be looking up for him. Rob says don’t ever sleep on Stannis.

Yara & Theon: The Bastard’s Bitch (19:32)

For this next scene we return to Westeros and find Yara Greyjoy preparing a rescue mission for her brother Theon. Rob feels like it took them a long time to get to the Dreadfort and asks Josh if its a geographical issue. Once Yara and the men of the Iron Islands get there, they locate Theon but he does not want to leave. Josh says that if Theon was unwilling to kill Ramsey when he had the chance to, there is no way he’d want to leave with his sister Yara. This is a classic example of Stockholm Syndrome.

Rob says he figured this is what was going to happen once they found Theon down in the Kennels. Josh replies that Theon is more dog than human now, and a neutered dog at that. Rob is surprised at how easily Ramsey defeats the Iron men since they have a reputation of being fierce, but instead keep getting their asses beat back. Rob thinks the story line has met an end; Josh agrees that Yara has written off her brother and that Theon is indeed dead.

Ramsey & Reek: Share an Intimate Bath (23:43)

After the invasion, Ramsey offers Reek/Theon a bath as reward for his loyalty to Ramsey. Rob and Josh discuss whether HBO would be daring enough to actually show Theon’s “stump” and refer to it as “Greyjoyless”. Josh mocks Ramsey’s sensitive soul when he asks Reek if he loves him. Rob then brings up the strange cut scene of the invasion of the Dreadfort with that of Ramsey having sex with his girlfriend. Josh says how weird it is and expresses his displeasure with Ramsey being portrayed as a twisted sex symbol. Rob says he thought Ramsey was going to die. Rob then goes on to say that he doesn’t know what Ramsey’s goal is. Josh reminds him it is to take back Moat Cailin, and says how Theon could be instrumental in that endeavor.

Daenerys: And what do you want for Christmas? (27:11)

In one of the most visually appealing scenes, we see Drogon flying over a cliff towards a little boy and a herd of goats while scorching the earth with his flames. We are then taken to Daenerys holding court and receiving supplicants. She grants the goat herder 3 times the value of his goats. We then see her speaking to the son of one of the crucified masters, Hizdahr zo Loraq. He requests that he be allowed to give proper burial rights for all the deceased masters. Daenerys rejects him at first but eventually concedes, and allows him to bury only his father’s body. Rob compares Daenerys holding court to a mall Santa. He also says that he believes the show is trying to convey that it is hard to be a good ruler. Rob asks whether there is more to come Hizdahr. Josh says he thinks more will come of this character and that perhaps we will soon be introduced to more characters from Meereen. Josh believes we’re just starting to see Dany in a different mode, and that she is settling down and it is interesting to see her shift and no longer be just a conquistador. He views her rule of Meereen as a VR/simulation
and practice for the day she intends on ruling from the Iron Throne.

Tywin’s Small Council: Am I the Master of Something Now? (31:45)

We now move over to the small council in King’s Landing where we find Maester Pycelle, Varys, Cersei, Oberyn, Mace and Tywin. Rob and Josh talk about several updates during the council meeting. Firstly, news that the hound has been spotted in the Riverlands; they find it strange how Arya hasn’t been spotted with him. Also they discuss how Daenerys has conquered Meereen and now rules the city. Several of the council members express their concern regarding Daenerys, her growing army, and her dragons. Josh feels like Cersei is so focused on Tyrion’s trial that she minimizes the Daenerys threat, hence failing to see the bigger picture. Rob especially enjoys Mace Tyrell being Tywin’s bitch when he tells him to go get his quill and paper and does it without hesitation. Rob is concerned for Daenerys since Tywin has her on his mind with intent to write a letter. Which brings back memories from Season 3 when Tywin was continuously writing, and it is theorized that his letters led to the events of the Red Wedding. Josh shares Rob’s concern but says that the pen is mightier than the sword, but is it mightier than three dragons?

Oberyn & Varys: Everybody is Interested in Something (35:34)

In the next scene, we find Oberyn and Varys in the throne room. Oberyn tries to get a feel for Varys’ intentions and desires and even goes so far as to question Varys’ sexual orientation; however, he tells Oberyn that he has no desire for either sex. Josh says that the only thing that is worse to Varys than desire is Magic. Overall, Josh is glad to see more of the Red Viper and Varys; he likes the dynamics between these two. Both Rob and Josh were happy to see an episode with a lot of Varys in it, which has been lacking so far this season . At the end of the scene, Varys tells Oberyn that “The absence of desire leaves one to pursue other things” as he gives an ambiguous look to the vacant Iron Throne. Rob and Josh go on to compare the difference between Littlefinger and Varys. They say that Littlefinger is more direct with his intentions whereas when it comes to Varys one must read  between the lines to get any sense of what he truly wants. Rob questions whether Varys has any intentions of sitting on the throne himself or if he just wants to have a person of his choosing to sit on the throne. Rob is unsure about who Varys is rooting for to sit on the throne. Rob thought it would be Tyrion but not after tonight.

Tyrion: Law & Order (39:16)

In the most compelling scene of the episode we go to the throne for Tyrion’s trial. Jaime brings Tyrion to court in shackles at Tywin’s request. The first half of the trial goes poorly for Tyrion. This leads Jaime to go offer a deal to his father. Jaime tells him that if he allows Tyrion to live he will leave the King’s Guard and take his place as heir of Casterly Rock. Without hesitation, Tywin agrees and tells Jaime that as long as Tyrion pleads for mercy he will send him to the Wall. Rob asks Josh whether this was Tywin’s plan all along to which Josh says that he believes that Tywin  is taking advantage of the situation to get Jaime to take his rightful place as heir of Casterly Rock, which was his intention from Episode 1 of the season. Josh also says that he believes that Tywin will take perverse pleasure in sending Tyrion to the Night’s Watch, where whoring is actually punishable by death. They compare the trial to being similar to the OJ Simpson trial in that it is the trial of the century in Westeros.

Rob and Josh proceed to go over all the witnesses who testify. They feel that Sansa’s absence is highly incriminating in itself. They question how Maester Pycelle came into possession of the necklace that contained the poison that killed Joffrey. Cersei testifies that Tyrion told her “A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid”. Rob and Josh find this to be unfortunate wording and once again highly incriminating. Varys’ testimony provides more of the same. Then the last witness takes the stand and it is none other than Shae the whore. She testifies that she has first-hand knowledge that Sansa and Tyrion conspired to kill Joffrey. This evokes an intense emotional reaction from Tyrion.

Rob is very upset with Shae, with how she comes back to ruin Tyrion’s life. Josh, on the other hand, feels like Tyrion had been pushing her away for sometime now and he really sympathizes with Shae much to Rob’s displeasure. Josh feels like the Shae portion of the trial is really compelling. The episode concludes with Tyrion confessing to a far more heinous crime, that of being a dwarf. He goes on to say that he will find no justice in this court, so he demands a trial by combat. Rob and Josh can’t wait for another trial by combat.

Rob and Josh take the viewers’ questions at 51:42

by Jason de Lima & Jennifer Heinke

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: The Laws of Gods and Men

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: The Laws of Gods and Men

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