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Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast

Two Game of Thrones Book Club podcasts in two consecutive months? Believe it or not, it’s happening!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Terri Schwartz (@Terri_Schwartz) have returned for their second podcast about Thrones this year, fielding questions and topics submitted by listeners of the show. In particular, they’re addressing a laundry list of questions from Maester Goldner, an enigmatic figure from both Josh and Terri’s past.

Between Goldner’s questions and others, Josh and Terri pick apart Jon Snow’s inevitable return (how it might happen and, just as importantly, when it might happen), their official rankings of the Stark family, what they expect from Bran Stark and potential flashbacks in season six, spoiler etiquette around non-reading viewers of the show, strategy for George R.R. Martin’s final books (or book, solo?) in the Ice and Fire series, and so much more.

We’ll have another Book Club podcast in a month, or when the next major Game of Thrones development occurs — whichever comes sooner.

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