Game of Thrones Book Club: Spoiler Discussion of ‘First of His Name’


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LIVE on Tuesday, May 6th Josh Wigler and Terri Schwartz look at Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 5 through the lens of people who have read the books. Join in to be part of the Book Club discussion.

On the second episode of Game of Thrones Book Club, Josh and Terri discuss:

* The revelation of Littlefinger’s involvement in Jon Arryn’s murder, and how Littlefinger’s story will unravel over the coming seasons.

* The battle at Craster’s Keep, and Bran’s use of Hodor to kill Locke. Will we see Bran in Hodor’s body later in the season? And will Josh’s favorite chapter in the books — the second Bran chapter in A Dance with Dragons — come to fruition in the Season 4 finale?

* Why does Terri think Daenerys will become an antagonist by the end of the series? And why does Josh think Dany’s story will play better on the screen than in the books? What will happen with Jorah Mormont by the end of the season?

* Cersei takes center stage in King’s Landing this week. What do Josh and Terri think of Cersei’s scenes with Margaery? Do they think their rivalry will come to a boil this season, or later on in season five?

* Will Game of Thrones feature the divisive Dorne and Iron Islands stories from A Feast for Crows, or will the show yadda yadda yadda through those stories?

* What do Josh and Terri make of the Red Viper’s relatively low profile over the past few episodes? Is that to maximize his impact later in the season when he meets The Mountain?

* Speaking of The Mountain, how do Josh and Terri think season four will end for The Mountain’s brother, Sandor Clegane? And what do they make of his role in the series beyond this season?

* Will Brienne meet Lady Stoneheart by the end of season four?

* Is there any chance Coldhands makes it onto the show?


Game of Thrones Book Club:  Season 4, Episode 5

Game of Thrones Book Club: Season 4, Episode 5

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