GAME OF THRONES Book Club | Spoiler Discussion Of “Mother’s Mercy”

Listen to the Podcast


Listen to the Podcast

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Terri Schwartz (@terri_schwartz) are back this week for the final GAME OF THRONES BOOK CLUB of their regular season five coverage. At last, the show and the books have caught up with one another … well, mostly. Josh and Terri run down the stories that still have some book material left in them following “Mother’s Mercy,” the season finale. They also talk about theories behind Jon’s resurrection, Kit Harington and the producers’ comments about Jon’s “death,” and how to handle the Wall next season with or without Jon Snow. Beyond Jon, the conversation focuses on Stannis Baratheon’s up-in-the-air fate, the disappointment of Dorne, the future of Theon and Sansa, and much more.

Although this is the last Book Club of the proper season, Josh and Terri will return in the coming months with plenty of off-season coverage. For the Book Club Watch!

SPOILER WARNING: The GAME OF THRONES BOOK CLUB podcasts are meant for people who have read George R.R. Martin’s novels that HBO takes its cues from. Proceed with caution!

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