Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: The Bear and the Maiden Fair


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler continue their rewatch of Game of Thrones Season 3 with todays recap of Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 7: The Bear and the Maiden Fair. Join us each weekday through Friday, April 4th for one episode a day of our Season 3 Rewatch.

In this episode, Rob and Josh discuss:

  • Jon Snow deals with Orell about cutting the cord on him and Ygritte as they were climbing the wall.
  • Bran decides to head over the wall instead of going to Castle Black, much to the dismay of Osha.
  • Robb Stark is going to be a dad! Talisa is pregnant and everything should be happy endings from here.
  • Margarey and Sansa discuss the pros and cons of Sansa marrying Tyrion Lannister
  • Tyrion tells Shae that everything will be okay for them as she could be her mistress after he marries Sansa. She is not too keen on this plan.
  • Tywin Lannister updates King Joffrey on the latest news in Kings Landing and beyond after Joffrey requests to be counseled.
  • Daenerys Targaryen reaches the city of Yunkai and talks with the head slaver. Khaleesi tells him he can live if he frees the 200,000 slaves. He balks at her offer.
  • Melisandre goes sailing with Gendry and tells him he has royal blood of King Robert.
  • Arya flees the Brotherhood without banners but ends up being discovered by the Hound
  • Theon gets his penis cut off as his torture reaches new heights
  • Jaime promises Brienne that he will let the Stark girls free when he gets back to Kings Landing. Though initially leaving Brienne behind, Jaime returns to save her from the clutches of a bear.

Be sure to join us on Sunday, April 6th at 10:15 pm ET for our LIVE coverage of the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere.

Game of thrones season 3 episode 7 recap: The Bear and The Maiden Fair

Game of thrones season 3 episode 7 recap: The Bear and The Maiden Fair

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