Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: The Lion and the Rose


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Join Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) as they recap episode 2 of season 4 of Game of Thrones, The Lion and the Rose.  In this recap Rob and Josh discuss the major plot points of the episode which included:

  • Ramsey Snow has a new girlfriend and a new hobby.  He is out hunting a woman with Theon aka Reek in tow.
  • As Jaime and Tyrion are eating breakfast Jaime confesses that he is struggling to fight with only his left hand.  Tyrion sends Bronn to work with Jaime as a secret sword fighting coach.
  • As Roose Bolton and fat wife Lady Waldor return home they get updated from Ramsey about what’s been going on in his absense.   Roose gets to see what Ramsey has done to Theon for the first time and Roose Bolton is not happy. Ramsey makes Theon shave him to demonstrate Theon’s obedience to him.  Ramsey even tells Theon about Robb Stark to try to provoke him as he gets a shave but Theon doesn’t attempt to hurt him.  Ramsey gets sent on a mission to find Bran and Rickon up at the wall with Jon Snow.
  • Tyrion gets infromed that the truth about Shae has been found out from Varys. Tyrion says it’s no big deal but Varys says he can’t lie about it.
  • At a pre-wedding breakfast, Cersei tells Tywin about Shae, Tywin says to take her to the Tower of the Hand.  Tyrion gives Joffrey a book for his wedding.  Tywin gives Joffrey a Valyrian steel sword made from Ned Starks melted down weapon.  Joffrey then uses the sword to destroy Tyrion’s book.  King Joffrey says using the sword will be like cutting off Ned’s Starks head all over again.
  • Tyrion meets with Shae and says “Our Friendship can’t continue”.  Tyrion says he needs to do right by her.  Tyrion tells her “you’re a whore” and asks “How many men have you been with?”  He tells her, “You’ll have a comfortable life in Pentos” as Bronn escorts her to her ship.
  • Over in Dragonstone, Melisandra leads a Burning of men. Stannis talks with Davos about the burning of Stannis’ brother-in-law.  Stannis’ wife was very pumped up to see her brother executed.  Over dinner at Stannis house, Stannis’ wife thinks fondly of a soup Stannis made from books and delicious grilled seagulls.  Stannis’ wife worries about her daughter’s soul.  Melisandra wants to talk to her.  Melisandra visits with Stannis’ daughter.  She askes Melisandra about the seven hells and Melisandra explains that there is only one hell, the one we live in now.
  • Bran is hunting as the dire wolf.  Jojen Reed tells him to be more careful and not be worging his life away.  Bran puts his hand on the tree and he hears “look for me beneath the tree”.  Bran says “I know where we need to go”.
  • Back in King’s Landing it’s time for a Royal Wedding!!  After the ceremony we hear from Tywin and Lady Olenna as they discuss the finances of the throne.
  • Bronn tells Tyrion that Shae is gone but Rob and Josh wonder if the fact that Bronn didn’t see her ship leave means she may be back.
  • Lady Olenna talks with Sansa about how badly she feels.  Lady Olenna comments “what sort of a monster would kill a man at a wedding”?
  • Joffrey throws coins at the organ player.  Joffrey introduces Margaery and says the leftovers will be given to the poorest.  The Red Viper makes eyes at Sir Loras.  Jaime talks to Sir Loras about the wedding Cersei.  If you marry Cersei she’ll murder you. Jaime tells him “You’ll never marry” and Loras responds, “And neither will you”.
  • Brienne wishes good fortune to King Joffrey and Margaery which leads to Cersei talking with Brienne.  Cersei calls out Brienne that she loves Jaime.
  • Cersei talks with Maester Pycell to tell him to take the leftovers to the kennels instead of to the poor as Margaery instructed.
  • Joffrey tells everyone to knock off the hat off of Sir Dantos’ head.
  • Prince Oberyn Martell talks with Cersei and Tywin.  In this very awkward conversation, The prince lets the Lannisters know how he is unhappy with them and taunts Cersei by calling her “former queen”.
  • Joffrey says there has been too much amusement and wants to contemplate history.  Joffrey has a war of 5 Kings re-enactment from Dwarves.  Loras and Margaery don’t think this is funny.  Tyrion wants to pay everyone 20 gold.  Sansa has a blank stare watching this show.  Tyrion challenges Joffrey to fight the performers which leads to Joffrey pouring his wine on Tyrion’s head.  Joffrey kicks his goblet and tells Tyrion to fetch it.  Joffrey demands that Tyrion should “Kneel before your king”.
  • Finally, desert arrives and Joffrey cuts open a huge pie.  Joffrey starts choking.  It becomes clear that Joffrey has been poisoned and dies almost instantly.  Cersei says that Tyrion poisoned Joffrey as Tyrion looks very guilty in the eyes of all who are at the wedding.
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