Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere Recap: Two Swords


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap of Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere with a review of Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 1: Two Swords. Join us each Sunday Night LIVE after the episode for the chance to hear our recap and ask your questions LIVE on the show.

In this week’s recap, Rob and Josh discuss:

Tywin Lannister melting Ned Starks sword to create a new sword which he gives to Jaime.  Josh thinks this scene signals that the Stark era is over after three seasons of Game of Thrones.  When Jaime gets the new sword, Tywin tells him that he wants him to go back to Casterly Rock.  Jaime balks at the idea and says he wishes to remain in the King’s Guard, presumably to hang out with Cersei in King’s Landing.

Tyrion waits with Bronn and Podrick  for the prince of Dorne. Tyrion finds out that Prince Oberyn Martell has come instead and is already in King’s Landing at the brother.  When we find Prince Oberyn he is interrupted from selecting prostitutes when he hears the Rains of Castamere being sung by Lannister men.  Oberyn stabs one of the Lannister men in the hand before being interrupted by Tyrion.  Josh helps explain Prince Oberyn’s (aka The Red Viper) feud with the Lannisters.  Oberyn was the brother of Elia Martell who married Rhaegar Targaryen.  When the Lannisters overthrew the Mad King they murdered all the Targaryens and allegedly had The Mountain rape and murder Elia Martell.  Prince Oberyn reminds Tyrion that the Lannisters aren’t the only one who repay their debts.

Daenerys seems to have lost control over her dragons.  One of the dragons snaps at her in the episode and Rob and Josh are amazed at how much they have grown since the end of the last season.  Rob and Josh discuss the new Daario Naharis (played by Michael Huisman).   Rob thinks Daenerys should have been even more pissed with Daario and Grey Worm for wasting everybody’s time.

Shae is serving food to Sansa, it’s pigeon pie. Sansa won’t eat… not even lemon cakes. Tyrion wants a moment alone with Sansa. Shae doesn’t like Tyrion touching her hand. Tyrion wants to help. Sansa is very upset about how Robb and Catelyn were treated. Tyrion has a great line when he says, “She wanted to have me executed, but I admired her”.  However, Shae seems to have gotten jealous and show’s up in Tyrion’s bed asking “Have you forgotten me?” Tyrion says it’s not a good time. Shae asks if she doesn’t love him. Shae asks about Varys’ diamonds and as she leaves somebody sees Shae leave Tyrion’s room.

Jaime Lannister gets outfitted with a new gold hand!  He doesn’t really like it but Rob thinks it’s pretty cool.  Jaime says he wants to stay in the King’s guard but Cersei says “not now” when he tries to be romantic. Cersei wants an apology for him leaving and says that Jaime took too long to return.  Rob and Josh discuss what Cersei’s problem really is.   Jamie and Cersei are interrupted when the woman who saw Shae leaving Tyrion’s room comes in.

Ygritte and Tormund talk about Jon Snow. Tormund says if he’s not dead, she let him live. Rob ask Josh to explain the new characters that join the Tormund Giantsbane and company.  Josh explains who the Thenns are and how they are cannibals by nature and love eating “crows”.

We see Jon Snow back with the Night’s Watch and hanging out with Sam.  When Jon Snow is court marshalled by the Night’s Watch, Rob thinks it was “such a Stark move” for Jon Snow to admit he slept with Ygritte. Jon Snow says that 100,000 men are about to invade and how Tormund Giantsbane is south of the wall. The council decides that they won’t be taking Jon Snow’s head.

Lady Olenna and Margaery Tyrell are picking out necklaces. Brienne of Tarth joins them and Lady Olenna is impressed with her. Brienne and Lady Margaery walk together and says it was Stannis that murdered Renly. Margaery says Joffrey is the king now as we get to see a statue of Joffrey.

Back in the castle, Joffrey is being snotty to Jaime. Joffrey reads from the book of great deeds of the King’s Guard. Joffrey says that they forgot to write Jaime’s deeds and as a “40 year old knight with one hand” he probably won’t have any.  Rob thinks that maybe it’s time for Jaime to do a Darth Vader on King Joffrey and reveal he is his father.

As Arya and The Hound are riding and they find numerous dead men. Arya asks The Hound for a horse. Arya eventually sees a guy that killed her friend and wants her sword back leading The Hound and Arya to walk in to a tavern.  They are spotted by Polliver who took Arya to Harrenhal in Season 2.  When Polliver recognizes The Hound he offers to trade one of his chickens for Arya.  This ends up leading to a major fight scene with the Hound and Arya kicking some major ass.  In the end, Arya gets a horse.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere Recap: Two Swords

Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere Recap: Two Swords

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