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Recorded LIVE on Sunday night at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT, Josh Wigler and Antonio Mazzaro recap the Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere with a review of “The Wars to Come”.

Episode #1 Title: The Wars to Come

Air Date: April 12th, 2015
Summary Authors: Jason de Lima & Jennifer Heinke

Josh Wigler is joined by Antonio Mazzaro this week to recap the Season 5 premier of Game of Thrones, “The Wars to Come”. Josh and Antonio begin their discussion about the 4 leaked episodes and urge their viewers not to indulge in the temptation of spoiling it for those who have not seen them. Josh asks Antonio his take on the “big picture” of the episode and Antonio goes on to say how he’s happy with it, in particular how he’s happy with the progress being made in regards to Daenerys’ storyline in Meereen and that of Sansa and Littlefinger who appear to be leaving the Eyrie.

Cersei & The Prophecy (0:04:51)

In the opening scene of the premier, we get a flashback from Cersei’s childhood where she and a friend visits what Josh refers to as a “Wood Witch” and is given a prophecy. The witch tells her that she will not marry the Prince, but rather that she will marry the king. She tells her that the King will have 20 children and that she will have 3. She also tells Cersei that of her 3 children gold will be their crowns and gold their shrouds. And finally that her reign as Queen will not last long, that a younger, more beautiful queen will cast her down. Josh points out the show has not dealt in flash backs before, to which Antonio responds by saying it was an interesting look into the Cersei’s psyche. He expresses some empathy to the fact that Cersei heard such a terrifying prophecy about her life at a young age. Josh and Antonio go on to interpret the prophecy. Antonio proposes that crowns of gold  could simply be referring to the 3 children she had with her brother Jaime, or perhaps that all 3 of her children may sit the Iron Throne some day. Josh goes on to suggest that shrouds of gold make it sound like Cersei’s children will die in an ominous way. Antonio asks Josh if Myrcella is in Dorne? Josh confirms that indeed that is where she was heading when we last saw her. Josh then goes on to talk about the deteriorated relationship between King’s Landing and Dorne as a results of the Mountain killing The  Red Viper in Tyrion’s trial by combat. Antonio then says that if he were Cersei he’d be concerned for Myrcella’s well being. Josh then proceeds to ask Antonio how he felt about it and what he thinks it means that the season opened with a Cersei flashback, what kind of mission statement is it sending? Antonio is happy with it. He feels like we have gotten a lot information in regards to the psyche’s of Jaime and Tyrion but not so much of Cersei’s. He feels like up to this point she has been somewhat of a one note character emotionally, simply motivated by her hatred for Tyrion. He feels like with Tywin gone Cersei could be in line for having a much bigger role this season.

King’s Landing: Tywin’s Wake (0:13:24)

In the next scene we find out that Tywin is truly dead, we see his corpse laying in the Sept where we find Jaime and Cersei. Josh and Antonio both feel like it was brutal of Cersei to blatantly point out Jaime’s stupidity in regards to him being unintentionally responsible for their father’s death, while at least Tyrion knew what he was doing. Josh then asks Antonio what he thinks of King’s Landing with many of the power players missing such as Tywin, Varys and Tyrion? Antonio proceeds to mention that viewers were introduced to The Faith, and that if Tywin were still alive he would have never allowed them to roam the streets of King’s Landing. Antonio is happy to see Lancel back and feels like Lancel knows a little too much about Cersei, her children, and what truly happened to King Robert Baratheon. Josh then says that if you’re Cersei you might just want to get rid of Lancel. Antonio agrees and feels like Lancel is one loose end that Cersei needs to tie up. Antonio then mentions how during the wake Cersei spots Margaery and sees her “working” her son Tommen and goes on to refer to the last part of the prophecy where she was told a younger and more beautiful woman will cast her down and all she holds dear. Antonio and Josh both agree that on a surface level it would appear that the prophecy is referring to Margaery, but Josh feels like prophecy is a tricky thing and that one cannot discount Daenery’s as to whom the prophecy may be referring to. They also don’t discount the possibility that it could also be referring to her own daughter Myrcella. Josh goes on to suggest that the prophecy may be a reason why she has always been aggravated with Margaery Tyrell and wonders how that will affect their interactions for the rest of the season.

Margaery & Loras Tyrell: Margaery Hungers for Power (0:18:25)

In the next topic they discuss the scene in which we find Ser Loras and Olyver in bed, as Margaery walks in on them ever so nonchalantly. Margaery implores her brother to be more discrete with such matters but Loras simply doesn’t care.  He tells her that everyone knows anyways so it doesn’t really matter. Josh believes that Loras is actually celebrating cause Tywin Lannister was the driving force behind his engagement to Cersei and as a result of his death that engagement has fallen to pieces.

Loras goes on to ask Margaery whether she is displeased with the fact that since he is no longer marrying Cersei, which means she will no longer be going back with him to Highgarden.  Instead, she will stay in King’s Landing where Margaery will have to contend with her.  Margaery replies with an ominous “perhaps”.

Antonio points out that the Queen of Thornes is Margaery Tyrell’s grandmother, after all, so if he was Cersei he’d be concerned.

Tyrion & Varys: Imp in a Box (0:22:43)

In the next scene we go across the narrow sea all the way to Pentos, at the home of magister Illirio where we find Lord Varys and Tyrion Lannister.  Josh and Antonio open the segment joking about just how gross it was to see Tyrion vomit on screen. Both Josh and Antonio feel sorry for Tyrion’s current status and arrive at the conclusion that he is not only feeling horrible for having killed Shae, but also his disbelief for having murdered his father. Josh then goes on to explain who Master Illyrio is, and how he is the one who arranged Daenerys’ marriage to Khal Drogo. Also, that back in Season 1 Arya overheard a conversation between Varys and Illirio while chasing cats. In this scene we find out explicitly that Varys is a supporter of Daenerys Targaryen. Antonio likes Varys’s reasons for supporting Daenery’s ascendancy to the throne and feels like he is a populist grace and dignitiy, he feels like Varys should be proud of what she’s aciehved thus far. Antonio goes on to ask Josh whether he trusts Varys’s motivations. Josh replies by saying that in Game of Thrones there are very few black and white characters, but rather many shades of grey. He continues that if it came to trusting either Littlefinger or Varys, he’s trust Varys any day of the week. Josh goes on to talk about the relationship with Tyrion and asserts that Varys has risked alot to help him.  He feels like there is other reasons for Varys to help him if there isn’t at least some semblance of truth to what he’s saying. Antonio goes on to contrast Littlefinger and Varys by stating that Littlefinger has already said that he wants everything, and for himself, whereas Varys wants a ruler that is stronger than Tommen and more merciful and likeable than Stannis.  Antonio concludes by saying he has no reason to unequivocally trust Varys, but that his motives are nonetheless purer. Josh and Antonio then discuss Tyrion’s reaction to Varys’ support of Daenerys and at Tyrion’s decision to drink himself en route to Daenerys, rather then just drink himself to death in Pentos. Josh is really excited at the prospect of two of the show’s best and most popular characters, Tyrion and Daenerys, finally meeting. Antonio feels like the merging of these two characters will definitely increase the in interest in Daenerys’ storyline.

The Sons of the Harpy: Unsullied in a Brothel? (0:36:59)

We now go further East all the way to Meereen where we find the Unsullied tearing down a Golden Harpy from atop a Meereenese pyramid. We then see an Unsullied make his way through the city and enter a brothel where he finds companionship with a woman. As they are cuddling we see a shadow emerge and the Unsullied’s throat is slashed open by a masked person. Josh and Antonio

initially express some bewilderment as to whether or the not the murdered unsullied was Grey Worm or not, to which we later find out his name was actually White Rat. They then go on to joke about what their own Unsullied names would be. Antonio asks Josh whether this is the first time we’ve heard of the Sons of the Harpy or not? Josh replied by saying that we have perhaps heard about them in passing but that this is the first time truly hearing about them causing chaos in the streets of Meereen. Josh feels like things are starting to escalate throughout the city, that this murder was not a result of a mere misunderstanding but rather an assassination attempt directed at Dany’s reign. Josh feels like Dany ought to be nervous about the use of such shadow tactics.

Daenerys: “I am not a politician, I am a Queen!” (0:42:45)

Next we find Daenerys at a council meeting in which they are discussing what to do in response to the the murder of her Unsullied soldier by the Sons of the Harpy. Daenerys decides to give her fallen solider proper burial in the Temple of the Graces. To which Mossador tells her that such an act will only anger and provoke them. Daenerys counters him by saying that it is easier to cut the head of a snake that lashes out in anger. Josh believes that there are flaws in her leadership, but that she is nonetheless strong willed and deals with problems head on. Antonio then mentions Hizdahr zo Loraq and how he has returned from his diplomatic mission in Yunkai and treated with the masters there. Hizdhar tells Dany that in order to be a good politician one must be good in art of compromise. To which Dany replies that she is not politician, but a Queen. Nonetheless Hizdahr goes on to tell her that the masters want the re-opening of the fighting pits. Antonio feels like Daenerys cannot only rule with and iron fist and needs to learn how be more diplomatic.

The Mother of Dra… ummm Unsullied? (0:45:30)

In the next scene we find Daenerys and Dario Naharis in her bedchambers where Dario attempts to persuade her to open the fighting pits. Antonio and Josh open this discussion by joking about the sexposition we receive here and throughout the episode. Antonio feels like this scene produces a rare moment of vulnerability for Daenerys but that in the end the issue of the fighting pits is secondary. Her real concern is that of her Dragons. Drogon could be half way around the world by now and Rhegal and Viserion are locked up because she cannot control them. Josh and Antonio refer to how her dragons are in their rebellious teen phase. Antonio feels like the more dragon talk we get in these episodes the better it is for Daenerys’ storyline from a viewers’ perspective. At this point, to Josh’s dismay Antonio brings up the Missandei and Grey Worm scene in which Missandei asks Grey Worm why the Unsullied visit brothels, to which he vehemently replies that he knows nothing! Both Josh and Antonio express how they are not keen on this plot-line.

Sansa & Littlefinger in The Vale: Sweet Robin’s Road to Knighthood (0:52:02)

In the next scene we go back to Westeros but this time to the Eyrie where we find Sansa, Littlefinger, Yohn Royce and little sweet Robyn Arryn. Josh and Antonio begin their talk by having a good laugh at sweet Robyn Arryn battle training, and essentially agree with Yohn Royce that he has no potential to get much better. They then ask themselves where are Sansa and Littlefinger going? All we are told is that they are going to place where Cersei Lannister cannot get her hands on Sansa. They ponder if they are going to the Wall at Castle Black? Bear Island? Antonio raises the point as to why Littlefinger is taking her away from The Eyrie to begin with, given its isolated location in respect to the rest of the kingdom. Josh and Antonio also briefly touch upon the Brienne and Podrick plot-line. Josh feels like this storyline is perhaps the least dynamic one of the season.

Jon Snow: Being Born on the Other Side of the Wall doesn’t make them Monsters (0:58:48)

In the next scene we find Jon Snow at the wall working as intermediary between Stannis Baratheon and Mance Rayder, which culminates with Mance being burnt at the stake as a result of refusing to bend the knee. Before suffering a long and brutal death Jon shows Mance mercy by shooting an arrow through his heart. Josh opens the discussion of this scene by asking Antonio how he felt about it? Antonio replies by saying how he really enjoyed Kit Harrington playing Jon Snow this episode. Both Josh and Antonio really appreciate the dynamics between Jon and Stannis, as well as Jon and Mance. They then go on and laugh and talk about Jon and Melisandre’s elevator scene. Josh enjoyed the scene but doesn’t truly understand why Melisandre needed to know why Jon was a virgin or not. Josh and Antonio dub this duo as “Melijondra”. They then go on to discuss the final scene of the episode where Mance is burnt at the stake, but Jon kills him before he suffers a more brutal death at the hands of the flames. Josh asks Antonio what he thinks was going on with Jon in this scene, whether he thinks this act puts him on bad terms with Stannis? Antonio actually thinks that Stannis’ respect could have grown for Jon Snow as a results of his actions, though not everyone there felt the same way. All in all Josh and Antonio really enjoyed the Jon Snow plotline and are very intrigued with what is to come at Wall.

Josh and Antonio take the viewers’ questions at 1:07:25

Episode Summary written by Jason de Lima & Jennifer Heinke


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