Girl Meets World Series Premiere Review


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LIVE at 6 pm ET / 3 pm PT on Thursday, June 26th, Zach Brooks and Ryan Pappolla precap the premiere of Girl Meets World.

Zach Brooks (@brooksza) and Ryan Pappolla (@ryanpappolla) recap the series premiere of the new Disney Channel show and Boy Meets World-spinoff show Girl Meets World, currently streaming on and premiering Live Friday 6/27 at 9:45 PM Eastern.

In addition to discussing all the key plot points and developments for the Matthews family, Zach and Ryan discuss:

  • How many seasons will the show air?
  • Who would they like to see back?
  • Where is Mr. Feeny now?
  • What’s up with Cory’s nose?
  • Did they like the theme song?
  • What was their favorite joke in the episode?
  • Does the show touch on more adult issues than most Disney shows?
  • Would the show be better if it aired on another channel and was marketed at adults?
  • Who were their favorite and least favorite characters in the show?
  • Is Riley extremely strong?
  • Is Farkle Minkus’ child?
  • Was that the first day of school? Why do they have homework if it’s the first day?
  • Why did Farkle jump on Cory?
  • Is Farkle’s diorama the best project they’ve seen?
  • Is Topanga hot now?
  • Who do they expect to see in other episodes?
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