Girls & Broad City | From Iowa to Governor’s Island

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Listen to the Podcast:

Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) is joined by Post Show Recaps’ Taylor Cotter (@TaylorCotter) to discuss their mutual love for the shows Girls and Broad City. Although the comedies are drastically different in tone and style, popular media has often compared to the two, considering their similar general subject matter of girls in their 20s living in New York City. The most recent episode from each show in particular have functioned as game changers, modifying dynamics and relationships that have been established from the beginning of each series.

In their discussion of the two shows, Mike and Taylor dive into a wealth of topics, including:
  • What have been some of the main criticisms of Girls, and do Mike and Taylor agree with those statements?
  • Which of the main quartet from Girls do they enjoy the most and the least?
  • How does Lincoln from Broad City compare to other male characters like Adam from Girls?
  • How have “straight men” characters like Abbi from Broad City and Marnie from Girls both evolved over the course of their respective seasons?
  • How did Taylor and Mike respond to the pseudo-meta arc of Girls’ Hannah dealing with criticism in grad school in Iowa?
So soak in the tub, clean your ears profusely, maybe help yourself to some of Ilana’s special brownie milkshake, and take a listen!

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