House of Cards Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Chapter 16


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Join Rob and Zach Brooks to discuss Season 2, Episode 3 of House of Cards. Join us to ask your questions about Chapter 16 of the Netflix original series.

PLEASE NOTE:  There will be nothing discusses in this recap past House of Cards Season 2, Episode 3.  Please refrain from posting any spoilers beyond this point in the show.

On this episode, Rob and Zach discuss the following and much more:

  • Is there actually something going on between President Walker and Christina or is Claire imagining things?
  • Is Lucas Goodwin headed down a bad path?
  • Do we get a good vibe from Claire Underwood’s new publicist?
  • Where did all the porn come from on Lucas Goodwin’s computer?
  • Why is Curtis Haas fighting so hard against the entitlement reform that Frank is trying to pass in the senate?
  • Would anybody let a stranger listen to their earbuds on the bus?
  • Why is Jackie getting more stuff added to her tattoo?
  • Is Frank running the senate one of the greatest things ever?  Should all senators be carried in wearing handcuffs by the master at arms?
  • Frank refers to himself as Jesus after he raised Lazarus from the dead, Rachel gets recruited to join a church… Is there a biblical theme running through this episode?
House of Cards, Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: Chapter 16

House of Cards, Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: Chapter 16

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