House of Cards Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Chapter 18


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Rob Cesternino and Zach Brooks discuss House of Cards Season 2, Episode 5. Join us to talk about all things that take place in Chapter 18 of the Netflix Original Series, House of Cards.

Please note: NOTHING beyond Season 2, Episode 5 of the series will be discussed.  Please no spoilers from the rest of the season.

On this episode Rob and Zach will discuss:

  • Was there any significance to the lack of a cold open for Season 2, Episode 5 of House of Cards?
  • So what exactly was going on with Fang and the plastic bag at the beginning of the episode?
  • What was the significance of the talk of people getting hit with rocks?
  • Who would be the better publicist for the Underwoods to work with Seth Gracin or Connor Ellis?
  • How is the issue of Claire’s abortion going to resolve itself?
  • Who won this round of fighting between Raymond Tusk and Frank Underwood?
  • What is likely coming next for Lucas after he takes the USB chip from Gavin?
  • Could a murder of Cashew the guinea pig be harder to deal with than the murder of Zoe Barnes for Rob?
  • Do people in the civil war reenactments ever break character?


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