House of Cards Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Chapter 21


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Rob Cesternino and Zach Brooks recap House of Cards, Season 2, Episode 8. Join us to discuss everything that happens in Chapter 21 of the Netflix Original series.

Please Note: We will not discuss anything that takes place past Season 2, Episode 8 in this show or the comments.

In this episode, Rob and Zach discuss the following:

  • What was Evelyn’s storyline with Claire from season 1?
  • Did the Rachel storyline just jump to the most important storyline on the show?
  • Would it be more fun to go out for a night with Megan or Pete Russo?
  • What was the look that Jackie Sharp had after her meeting with Remy in her office?
  • Why is Jackie so hesitant about bill that Claire Underwood is trying to pass?
  • What are Frank and Claire up to by trying to get the Walkers in to counseling?
  • How did Remy acquire the photo of Claire Underwood sleeping?
  • Just how good are airplane ribs?
  • What did Frank mean when he said that dogs are so predictable?
  • What is with Doug’s fetish of smelling used linens?
  • Rachel singing with Lisa in bed. Tells her about her past. “your eyes”. Make out.
  • Was there intentional irony to have Claire Underwood forcing Megan the rape victim up against the wall to force her to do something against her will?
  • Who is using whom in the Jackie and Remy relationship?
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