James Gunn’s DC Universe Revealed: Superman, Batman, and Much More

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James Gunn’s DC Universe Revealed: Superman, Batman, and Much More

Everything is Super hosts Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@KevMahadeo) break down James Gunn’s DC Universe, now that it’s officially revealed. At last, we know what the future of the DC Comics movies looks like, from Superman all the way to… Swamp Thing? Josh and Kevin make as much sense of it as they can, before resuming their DC Extended Universe rewatch.

James Gunn’s DC Universe Slate:

1. Creature Commandos (TV series, animated)
2. Waller (TV series)
3. Superman: Legacy (movie)
4. Lanterns (TV series)
5. The Authority (movie)
6. Paradise Lost (TV series)
7. The Brave and the Bold (movie)
8. Booster Gold (TV series)
9. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (movie)
10. Swamp Thing (movie)

Read more at The Hollywood Reporter.

Check out James Gunn’s announcement on his Twitter page.

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