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Lost: Down the Hatch | Behind the Curtain

Lost is over, but we have to go back Down The Hatch! It’s the Lost rewatch podcast here on Post Show Recaps, in which hosts Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) take you back to the island each and every week.

This week, Josh and Mike take you on a journey behind the curtain through the creation of Down the Hatch. They are joined by perennial button-pushers Ben Martell (@DeCurtained) and Brendan Fitzpatrick (@FitzyBrendan), the two men behind the scenes chiefly responsible for the podcast’s existence. If you ever enjoyed an episode of Down the Hatch, you have Ben and Brendan to thank. Hear their stories about how they came to find Lost, how they became involved in the podcast, and so much more.

Next week, Josh and Mike launch the official Lost: Down the Hatch Episode Rankings Countdown.

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