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Lost: Down the Hatch | Zero to Heroes

Lost is over, but we have to go back to Down the Hatch on Post Show Recaps! Each week, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) join together for ridiculous conversations about television, always involving the long gone ABC series Lost, but now involving other shows as well.

In this episode, Josh and Mike reveal what’s on the other side of their Lost rewatch: a Heroes rewatch! Josh and Mike will spend the next several months recapping Heroes Season 1, using it as a lens to look back on Lost (because of course), and much more.

Additionally, Josh and Mike talk about Chronologically Lost, a fan-edited version of Lost cut together so everything plays out in chronological order. The hosts will be checking out the proverbial ChronoLodge over the next many weeks, and will report back in this space on their findings.

Next week, Josh and Mike will recap Heroes Season 1 Episode 1, “Genesis.”

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