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LOST Lives lives again! In honor of Post Show Recaps’ victory at the Podcast Awards, not to mention the fortuitous timing of 8.15.16, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) has relaunched the LOST podcast for a limited edition run, complete with guest interviews, random episode recaps, and other assorted weirdness one could only find on the island.

This week on LOST Lives Returns, Josh and Emily Fox (@emelette) start things off with an apology, ramble on about Mr. Eko and Killer Croc, and toast to the arrival of some new DHARMA glasses. Then, Josh dives deep into several topics with AJ Mass (@AJMass), one of the original LOST Lives co-hosts. Josh and AJ talk about AJ’s concept for LOST 2 and why he thinks the show would need to completely reinvent itself should a comeback occur. Then, Josh and AJ talk about AJ’s experience re-watching the show alongside his son, who is watching for the very first time with fresh eyes.

Finally, Josh and AJ finally make good on a promise to each other to discuss Game of Thrones. Keep an ear out for the airhorns if you’re looking to abandon ship before we head to Westeros. The GoT talk begins in spoilery earnest at around the 1:17:00 mark.

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