Mad Men Season 7 Premiere Recap: Time Zones


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Rob Cesternino and Jeremiah Panhorst from Mad Men Podcast recap the Season 7 Premiere of Mad Men: Time Zones.

In this edition Rob and Jeremiah discuss:

  • Should the reveal that Freddie Rumsem was actually delivering a pitch developed by Don Draper have been more quickly discovered by viewing audience?
  • In what direction do we think Season 7 and ultimately the conclusion of the series will go.  Will this be a happy ending for Don Draper or will it be a depressing ending for Don?
  • Why are Don Draper and Megan still married?  What business does Don still have to do in New York?
  • How has television changed in the era in which Mad Men has remained on the air?
  • What lies ahead for Roger Sterling this season on Mad Men?
  • Where will Peggy end up at the end of the series?
  • Can Don Draper ever be happy?
  • How has Ken Cosgrove changed for the worse?
  • Has Pete finally found happiness in California?

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