Raised By Wolves Series Premiere Recap

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Raised By Wolves Series Premiere Recap

Post Show Recaps covers “Raised by Wolves,” the HBO Max science fiction series that’s one part “Lost,” one part “Westworld,” and several parts indescribable.

Hosts Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Grace Leeder (@hifromgrace) chart a course for Kepler-22b, with occasional co-pilot Taran Armstrong (@ArmstrongTaran), breaking down the series one episode at a time, every single weekday until they are fully caught up with the show. The podcast will first go back and cover Season 1, which initially premiered in 2020, and will eventually catch up with Season 2, debuting February 3 on HBO Max.

In their first podcast, Josh, Grace, and Taran recap the series premiere, appropriately titled “Raised by Wolves.” The trio digs into the story of Father and Mother, a pair of androids tasked with rebooting humanity — and hopefully not inadvertently destroying it in the process.

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