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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur hope each week that their Seinfeld recap podcasts don’t fall on deaf ears. This time they break down “The Friars Club”, which first aired March 7, 1996 as part of season seven.  The episode was written by David Mandel.
George’s Storyline – George had the smallest storyline he’s had in several seasons.  He spends the episode trying to promote Susan’s friend Hallie as an ideal mate for Jerry, but really his efforts are to get Jerry locked into couples life with him.  He tries his best to sway Jerry when he becomes sour about Hallie (referred to by Akiva throughout as Hannah), but it was to no avail.    Grade: Akiva – inc., Rob – C 
Jerry’s Storyline – Jerry has several things happening in the episode.  He’s excited to be set up with one of Susan’s friends.  They go on a double date to a Friars Club dinner, where he has applied to become a member.  He has to borrow one of their jackets to wear inside, but he forgets to return it.  He wears it again when they all go on a double date to see The Flying Sandos Brothers, but the group takes his jacket as part of the show and ultimately loses it.  Jerry quickly sours on Hallie when she doesn’t seem sad about the jacket. Grade: Akiva – B+ , Rob – C
Elaine’s Storyline Elaine has a new coworker that she suspects is milking his hearing deficiency to get out of work.  She makes several attempts to catch him hearing, even eliciting Jerry’s help, but can’t prove it, so she ends up stuck doing the work he was supposed to.  In one of her attempts to catch Bob, she fakes making a pass at him, but Peterman hears her.  She ends up going to The Flying Sandos Brothers show with Bob at Peterman’s request, and Bob makes a shameless pass at her.  Grade: Akiva – B, Rob – C
Kramer’s Storyline – Kramer has decided to follow the pattern of De Vinci and only sleep 20 minutes every few hours for maximum efficiency.  This puts a strain on his everyday life, as he randomly falls asleep at inopportune times.  It culminates when he falls asleep while being romantic with his new girlfriend Connie, who has obvious mafia ties.  She thinks he’s dead, so she calls “friends” to come dispose of the body.  When Kramer wakes up in a bag floating down the river, he goes to the police to report her.  Grade: Akiva – A-, Rob – B
Episode Ranking – 105
Emails – Johnny De Silveira (an OG emailer) asked if they have had any crazy dreams.  Courtney and Cendall (new regulars) wondered why Elaine didn’t persist with Bob.  Evan (new emailer) asked if it was better to get out of work by pretending to be annoyed, or to not hear.  Dan the benefactor (old regular) thought it was ridiculous that Kramer’s girlfriend wouldn’t check his breath or pulse.  Lindsay (old regular) agreed with Jerry in not being enthusiastic about participating in the show.
Caleb and Craig (new and old regular respectively) both wanted to change the episode title.  Matt (new regular) asked if the Joey that Connie refers to could be Crazy Joe Devola.  Kenny from England (new emailer) had his own take on how Kramer gets his money.  Chester (an OG emailer) as usual had several hot takes and discrepancies.
Tune in next week as the guys will recap both parts of “The Wig Master”. Send in your questions by emailing [email protected]. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast by going to where you can rate and review the podcast. You can get a discussion going about the podcast by leaving a comment on the show page, and as always, you can follow them on Twitter @robcesternino and @keev26.

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