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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 4, Episode 19, “The Implant.”

Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur always make sure to talk into your good ear when they bring you a new Seinfeld recap each week. This week they break down “The Implant”, which first aired February 25, 1993 as part of season four.

In the current Seinfeld news, the show celebrated it’s 26th anniversary this past week. Also the Brooklyn Cyclones had their second annual Seinfeld Night, where they renamed the stadium Kramerica Industries Park for the night. Kenny Kramer and Bania showed up for the festivities, where there were puffy shirts, a Constanza trash eating contest, and soup from the Soup Nazi, among other things. Rob had a question from the Seinfeld Scene box for Akiva that somewhat tied into the current episode, and Akiva answered without a problem upping his record to 2-1.

Jerry’s opening standup is a bit about the health club that sort of contradicts what he does in the episode. The episode starts with Jerry and Sidra at the gym having a flirty conversation. Rob and Akiva pointed out the outfits at this gym clearly wouldn’t hold up in 2015. Elaine wanders up shortly after Sidra walks off, quick to point out to Jerry that she thinks Sidra’s breasts are fake, and wonders why Jerry’s interested in her since she thought he was a “leg man”.

Jerry is concerned by this revelation, asking Elaine to confirm this for him in the locker room, because he wouldn’t want to date her if they are fake. Rob and Akiva couldn’t believe that any man would be so strongly against this. Elaine tells Jerry to just find out for himself after a few more dates, but Jerry describes how George is how he’s had nine dates with Betsy (played by Megan Mullally) but can’t really get things going, partly because he can never seem to sit on her right side when getting intimate, since he needs to go to his left.

In the next scene, George is at Betsy’s apartment, trying to position himself on the couch so he can be on her right, but she also needs to be on the right because of her poor hearing in her right ear. George goes as far as shoving her to the left in order to get his spot, but is a problem since she now can’t hear what he’s saying. When the phone rings, George tries to convince her not to answer it, saying it’s can’t be an emergency, however it ends up being one, as Betsy learns that her aunt died.

While in the sauna, Elaine notices Sidra take off her towel, convincing Elaine that they are fake. Back at Jerry’s, she confirms her findings, which causes Jerry to want to be out on the relationship. Kramer comes in, sharing how he thinks he saw Salman Rushdie at the gym. The scene cuts to Jerry, Kramer and George in the sauna. They are convincing George to go to the funeral with Betsy, since he could be the consolation guy, which is worth like 10 dates in one. George is lamenting the cost of traveling, but they figure out he can get a death in the family discount, so he’s going to do it.

In the next scene, Elaine is back in the sauna, where Sidra is talking with someone else about how Jerry broke it off with her to get back together with his mentally ill ex-girlfriend. Elaine can’t help but chime in, asking further questions. When Sidra asks to shake Elaine’s hand, Elaine trips as she is walking over, her hands falling straight into Sidra’s breasts.

Back at Jerry’s, Elaine now shares that she thinks the breast are real, after accidentally touching them. Akiva wondered if Elaine planned this, but Rob felt that this was merely an accident, and Elaine had concluded the operation prior. Jerry is not so sure he can trust Elaine’s opinion on this, despite the fact that Elaine is a woman and has her own to compare real or fake, and is adamant that they’re real and spectacular.

Kramer and George are at the airport trying to get the death in the family fare, but the airline requires a death certificate in order to process the discount. Rob felt this episode probably upped the number of people trying to get a discount like this. In the next scene at the gym, Kramer and Jerry notice Sidra and the man Kramer thinks is Salman Rushdie talking. Next, in the sauna, Kramer notices the man and strikes up conversation trying to determine if it’s Rushdie, uttering his corny joke about it being like a sauna in there.

Meanwhile, George is at the funeral reception with Betsy, where he is indulging in the food spread available, but also trying to determine how to get the death certificate for his discount. As he is eating chips, Betsy’s brother Timmy notices George double dip the chip and jumps all over him for it. George is defiant about it, deliberately double dipping, causing Timmy to start a fight.

Sidra is at Jerry’s apartment, having given him another chance after dumping her. He is trying to ensure he sits to her left, even asking her to switch. He awkwardly mentions big breasts, to which Sidra plays along, even mentioning that people question whether hers are real or fake. She alludes that he will find out himself soon enough, when Kramer pounds on the door for an emergency, but it turns out Kramer just needed to borrow a swimsuit. Jerry doesn’t want to lend him his, since he doesn’t want Kramer’s “boys” in his swimsuit, but finally relents just to get him out.

Elaine pops in, and when Sidra sees her, she puts the pieces together and realizes Jerry put Elaine up to finding out about her breasts. She gets up to walk out, telling Jerry she thinks he is mentally ill, revealing to him on the way out that they’re real and they’re spectacular. In the last scene, George is at the airport trying to get the discount, and in lieu of the death certificate, he shows them a photo of him standing by the coffin, which doesn’t work. Jerry’s closing standup is a bit about liposuction.

Akiva agreed that this was a pantheon episode, slotting it in at number 40, since there were just a few things that didn’t work. Rob thought it should be ranked in the top 20. In 2015, one could go to Sidra’s Facebook page and look at old photos to determine if her breasts were real.

The guys started off the emails with Johnny De Silveira. Johnny wanted to point out that two other cast members of Desperate Housewives would appear on Seinfeld. He also wondered why it was called The Implant and not The Implants. Travis wrote in to ask about righties moving in on their right, when he thought it would be opposite.

Amir wondered how Sidra could go from being dumped by Jerry, to wanting him to find out about her breasts. Akiva chalked it up to Jerry being charming. Amir also pointed out that in the recent run of episodes, Jerry gets close to sealing the deal with a variety of women, only to have something spoil it. Finally Chester wondered why Sidra wouldn’t be freaked out by Jerry if after a few dates, people are asking him about her breasts. Akiva assumed that as a beautiful woman, Sidra would probably be used to it.

Tune in next week as the guys will recap another classic episode in “The Junior Mint”. Send in your questions by emailing [email protected]. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast by going to where you can rate and review the podcast. And as always, you can follow them on Twitter @robcesternino and @keev26.

Special thanks to Mike Moore for this episode recap.

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