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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 8, Episode 20, “The Millennium.”

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Seinfeld Post Show Recaps: The Millennium
Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur have their everyday balloons, and are ready to bring you a new Seinfeld Post Show Recap. This time they discussed “The Millennium”, which first aired May 1, 1997 as part of season eight. The episode was written by Jennifer Crittenden.
Jerry’s Storyline – Jerry is dating a woman named Valerie who already has him on her speed dial.  He is dropped to the bottom of her list after a lackluster date, so he wows her on the next date and moves to the top spot.  The step mother is upset by this, in Mrs. Robinson fashion, seductively tries to influence Jerry to help.   Valerie agrees to put her step mother back on speed dial if she takes Jerry off hers.  Mrs. Hamilton instead hides Jerry in the poison number, which backfires when she is sick from the salsa with the silicon packet in it.  Grade: Akiva – B, Rob – B
George’s Storyline – George has been invited to lunch by some people at the Mets who want him to be their Director of Scouting.  The only caveat is that George needs to get fired from the Yankees first before they can offer the job.  He tries numerous ways to get fired, including spilling food all over a game worn Babe Ruth jersey.  When he’s finally fired for dragging the World Series trophy behind his car, Wilhelm barges in and takes all the blame for it, since he was offered the same job by the Mets.  Grade: Akiva – A, Rob – A
Elaine’s Storyline – Elaine wants to exact revenge on a woman from a clothing store who gave her bad customer service.  Kramer recommends she just shop at the other Mayan clothing store. She learns that the rude woman owns both stores, so she resorts to sending Kramer in to price all the clothing so cheap it puts her out of business.  Kramer bungles the job, and instead tries to remove all the silicon moisture packets from the clothing.  Grade: Akiva – F+, Rob – C-
Kramer’s storyline – Kramer is hard at work preparing for his millennium party, storing chairs and balloons at Jerry’s, even though the party is two and a half years away.  Things turn ugly when he learns Newman is throwing a competing party, and won’t join forces because he doesn’t want Jerry there.  When Kramer convinces Elaine to turn down Newman’s invitation, it forces him to co-plan the party with Kramer and put up with Jerry.  Grade: Akiva – B, Rob – C-
Episode Ranking – 73
Emails – Johnny De Silveira asks what is the modern day equivalent of making someone’s speed dial.  Max the millennial asks if speed dial is the most dated thing on the show.  Dan the benefactor thinks every store should have chips and salsa to drum up business.  
Caleb wondered why George didn’t just quit. Craig asked if they’ve ever seen anyone get fired in grand fashion.  Kaia asked them to choose between Lauren Graham in Seinfeld or Gilmore Girls.  Christine wondered how old Newman was.  Finally, Chester chimed in with an array of takes.
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