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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 7, Episode 19, “The Wigmaster”.

Seinfeld Post Show Recaps: The Wig Master
Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur never bring us a podcast out of spite, particularly this week as they bring us “The Wig Master”, which first aired April 4, 1996 as part of season seven.  The episode was written by Spike Feresten, of “The Soup Nazi” fame.
George’s Storyline – George spends the episode trying to figure out what strange things are going on at the long term parking lot where he’s been keeping his car.  Between the car not being available to him, Kramer finding a condom on the passenger side floorboard, and of course the scantily clad ladies seemingly open for business hanging around.  When he tries to pay one of the ladies for more information, Susan walks up and sees him giving her money.    Grade: Akiva – C-, Rob – C-
Jerry’s Storyline – Jerry is interested in buying a new blazer, but when he uses the excuse that he wants his friend’s opinion, the salesman thinks he’s lying.  Jerry decides to bring Elaine along to prove he wasn’t lying, but she is enamored with the salesman, so she doesn’t let him off the hook, actually encouraging Jerry to buy it.  Later on, he decides he’s going to return the jacket out of spite, but when he tells another sales clerk that, they don’t let him return it. Grade: Akiva – B , Rob – B-
Elaine’s Storyline Elaine ends up dating a salesman that was showing Jerry blazers at a fancy clothing store.  He draws her interest further by promising her a discount on a dress, but she’ll have to wait for a new shipment to come in.  When it takes longer than expected, she asks one of the other sales people about the shipment, only to be told they actually have that dress in her size in stock.  Out of retaliation, she decides to cut off the salesman’s pony tail.  Grade: Akiva – B, Rob – C
Kramer’s Storyline – Kramer has a couple of storylines in this episode.  First, he is unable to get his car out of the Jiffy Parking lot, leaving him without keys to his apartment.  He ends up staying at Jerry’s, though the couch is too small, so they share Jerry’s bed.  He also meets Susan’s friend, the wig master, and through one of his friends, he’s able to wear one of the “dream coats” from the play they are working on.  The two stories collide when Kramer is falsely arrested as a pimp at the Jiffy Lot when he’s fighting with one of the prostitutes while wearing the dream coat.  Grade: Akiva – B, Rob – B-
Episode Ranking – 118 
Emails – Johnny De Silveira asked why George and Kramer are the only ones who care about the prostitution going on at the Jiffy Park.  Courtney and Cendall asked if the guys have ever had cool hair styles.  Dan the benefactor thought Kramer might have taken the spare keys from Jerry last week after getting tossed in the Hudson River.  Evan noticed that Ian appeared as a chef that was preparing Russell’s pasta primavera.  Mark remarked how the Jiffy Park attendant appears later on as an employee at Jiffy Dump.
Lindsay asked if they have any good annoying houseguest stories.  Hunter wondered if they have gone “way out and wild” with anyone.  Craig thought Seinfeld did his namesake a disservice in this episode.  Amir wondered why the blazer storyline wasn’t written for George, and noted that George could have got out of the engagement easy with getting caught with the prostitute.  Lastly, Chester noted that staying with someone in Manhattan for two weeks is insane.  He also asked why Jerry would write a check to pay for the blazer.  Finally Chester noted that this episode should be ranked much higher.
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