SNL Recap: Blake Shelton Hosts on January 24, 2015


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Live Podcast Recap of SNL with host and musical guest Blake Shelton on January 24, 2015

No need to hide in the closet and read your bible for strength, Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg are back to break down this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live! Blake Shelton served as both host and musical guest, which means we got lots of country themed sketches. The guys get right into it by talking about the Deflategate cold open, which Rich is just proud he’s even heard about before seeing it parodies on SNL. Rich liked the sketch but if he had the chance to make a wish on a wishing boot, he would have liked to see the show write a different take on Tom Brady, feeling that writing Brady as stupid didn’t hit very well since the real Brady was already treating the situation as a joke.

From there, Rob and Rich move on to talking about Blake Shelton’s monologue. While Rich reluctantly admits that he actually liked Hee Haw as a child, he feels the monologue never really went anywhere and is giving it a half “huh boy”. Rich went against the tide however with the Bachelor parody “Farm Hunk” – while he feels most people thought it went on too long, Rich thought the sketch was hilarious and would have happily watched more. He and Rob were slightly less keen on Celebrity Family Feud, with Rob perplexed as to why both the American Idol and The Voice teams featured judges who weren’t on their shows anymore. He also was very unimpressed with Kyle Mooney’s impression of Steven Tyler, thinking it was so bad could have just as easily been an impression of David Lee Roth.

Other topics discussed include whether or not Bobby Moynihan lover Rich is being too horde on Weekend Update correspondent Riblet, the parole board sketch in which Kenan Thompson plays a cannibal, and the bizarre ten-to-one sketch about Blake Shelton trying to prove that magic isn’t real. Plus, Exclaim Magazine editor James Keast returns to offer his take on Blake Shelton as musical guest.

The SNL podcast returns next week to discuss host J.K. Simmons and musical guest D’Angelo!

SNL 2014 Recap: Blake Shelton hosts Saturday Night Live on January 25, 2015

SNL 2014 Recap: Blake Shelton hosts Saturday Night Live on January 25, 2015

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