SNL Recap: Martin Freeman Hosts on December 13, 2014


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Recapping Saturday Night Live Season 40 Episode 9 with host Martin Freeman and musical guest Charli XCX on December 13, 2014

If you’re looking for a podcast recap of the Martin Freeman-hosted SNL, Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg have sump’n for you! Both Rob and Rich thought this was one of the best episodes of the fortieth season so far, feeling there were more sketches in the plus column than usual and fewer that they were down on. They begin by discussing the Charlie Rose cold open in which Bobby Moynihan and Kyle Mooney play CIA torture experts who reveal they are responsible for various other forms of “torture” such as Time Warner Cable customer service or the self-checkout at the grocery store. Rob and Rich thought this was probably the best cold open of the season and enjoyed the interplay between Moynihan and Mooney.

From there, Rob and Rich also praise Martin Freeman’s monologue which included Kate McKinnon’s impression of Maggie Smith, the wedding objections sketch for its comedy and technical complexity, and the Kenan Thompsons short film “Sump’n Claus,” even if they would have preferred a little more clarity on why Sump’n Claus was giving out $20 bills to naughty people, where he was getting the cash from and etc. Growing up in a Catholic background, Rich was also very tickled by the Christmas church extravaganza sketch, relating to some of its details like the sweaty palmed man who really wants to shake your hand. Rob also liked some of the sketch’s smaller details like Kyle Mooney as the kid who didn’t want to read, and Taran Killam quietly laughing at the priest’s very tepid joke.

This week was not without a couple of duds, however. Rich’s patented “huh-boys” for the week go to the Heinz ketchup factory sketch (though he praises Freeman and Taran Killam’s rapid fire back and forth delivery of the sketch), the ten-to-one Aidy Bryant waterbed spokeswoman sketch, and the morning show parody “Right Side of the Bed” with Killam and Cecily Strong.

Later in the show, James Keast from Exclaim Magazine gives his underwhelmed take on the somewhat juvenile musical stylings of Charli XCX. The SNL podcast will return next week to discuss the final episode of 2014, hosted by Amy Adams with musical guest One Direction.

SNL Recap of Martin Freeman hosting Saturday Night Live on December 13, 2014

SNL Recap of Martin Freeman hosting Saturday Night Live on December 13, 2014

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