Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Premiere Review: Black Widower Recap


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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) recap the 1st episode of the final season of Sons of Anarchy, “Black Widower”.

Josh thinks this is a crazy show. People die in the most insane ways and a lot of twists along the way. Basically, this the show they want to carve into or stab into, regardless, these two are putting in sharp objects to the show.

The Top Story of the Night: This innocent young man who happens to attend a party at an old porn house then he gets fingered and forked by Gemma.

Rob believes Gemma is really being set up as the ultimate villain of the series. Josh agrees and says she’s a horrible person. Gemma is way out there right now and this is not good for Jax Teller. Josh thinks Gemma is not going to die and the worst possible state for Gemma is that Jax is dead and that the children will be taken away from her and that she would be forced to see it all and that’s the worst thing you can do to her.

It is implied that Jax goes to jail pretty quickly after Tara was killed considering the gun was found in his house. Jax certainly is operating under an assumption that the Chinese killed Tara. And obviously he is going to go full tilt against the Triad.

Josh think the show is a hard show to fall behind on because anything can just happen and you don’t want to miss it. Things can heat up really quickly and escalate really fast on Sons of Anarchy. Josh believes that for this final season, it would be foolish to think that anyone is safe or that things aren’t just going to ramp up really fast.

Juice is one of the other bigger stories of the night and he gets busted by Unser, where he was investigating at Wendy’s house. Juice is in trouble. The sons want him dead.

Josh says he wouldn’t be surprised if Juice would tell Unser that Gemma killed Tara. Although Unser might already be suspecting it. Unser is a good cop. He sensed that something was amiss at Wendy’s house. Corrupt and out of the game for a while, but Unser is good at what he does. Josh is seeing Unser could play a large role on the show.

So basically, Juice could die and Unser could carry the torch or the carving fork. Wendy is living with Gemma right now since Gemme let Juice to star at her apartment. Josh claims all the sons are bad but Juice is really not the worst of the bunch.

Juice is already in so much trouble with Jax, Josh doesn’t get it why helping Gemma out makes sense. He can go and tell Jax that Gemma killed Tara but it may only make things worse.

One of the biggest stories of the night is that the sons are going to war for the wrong reasons and just killing people by accident is not unusual here on the show. So the blowback really frequently happens on the show.

Josh feels that rarely does Jax get it wrong. Jax is a bad guy fundamentally but a genius strategist and his plans usually work. This time we know that he is going all in against an army that he has no business fighting. He is waging war for the wrong reasons going after the Triad thinking it was them who killed Tara. Basically, it’s either everybody is lying or everybody is wrong, and everybody is going to pay for it.

Will Jax find out that Gemma was the brains behind killing John Teller? Josh thinks this has to come out. Unser probably knows since he was part of the cover up and maybe he knows Gemma is really involved in it. It is possible Unser could blow everything up. Rob thinks Unser is kind of a perv, hanging out with women all the time.

Jax is forging alliance back in the jail. He certainly is trying to get all the need he could get because he knows that war is coming.

The hosts think the music of Bohemian Rhapsody for the closing montage may not be as much fun as Wayne’s World though but still it was great. The words of the song “Mama just killed the man” totally nailed it.

Nero is now part of the Mayans Chapter.And then we find out from Patterson that it’s been 10 dys since Tara was killed. But that chapter of the Mayan they wanted to make in Stockton is already up and running so they are ready to go. And why are they moving to that territory? The hosts are making their assumptions. Josh is simply worried for Nero. This is a guy trying really hard trying to do the right thing and he means a lot to Jax even if they don’t always see eye to eye. Nero also means a lot to Gemma. So he could be a casualty of war and he could get caught up and become a catalyst ot a possible conflict that may come in between Jax and Gemma. Josh is anticipating Gemma’s reaction to a possible Nero death.

Rob and Josh then take questions from the audience. The nominees for this week for the most gruesome moments:

1. The opening scene where jax is just totally wailing on this guy on prison and carved something into the guy’s stomach and removes his teeth. That was messed up!
2. The Holy Trinity – death-wise this is the most extreme
3. The ending was disgusting. Jax slicing the guy open numerous times and rubbing salt in the wounds.
4. When the sons show up at the house of the guy on a wheelchair and Tig and the guy have an exchange of words. – This is awarded by Josh as the most offensive comment.

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