Stranger Things | Season 3 Preview

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Stranger Things | Season 3 Preview

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) announce their brand new podcast all about “Stranger Things,” which launches season three July 4 on Netflix. In this first episode of the podcast, Josh and Mike set the table with all of their thoughts about Hopper, Eleven, the Mind-Flayer and the other denizens of Hawkins, Indiana and the Upside Down. Josh and Mike will podcast about each and every season three episode, with the podcast release schedule as follows:

  • 6/27 – Preview Show
  • 7/4 – Episode 1 Recap
  • 7/5 – Episode 2 Recap
  • 7/8 – Episode 3 Recap
  • 7/10 – Episode 4 Recap
  • 7/12 – Episode 5 Recap
  • 7/15 – Episode 6 Recap
  • 7/17 – Episode 7 Recap
  • 7/19 – Episode 8 Recap
  • 7/24 – Post-Season Feedback Show

Josh and Mike will not be able to take feedback over the course of the series due to poor reception in the Upside Down, but they will answer your questions at the end of the season in a special edition of the feedback show. Please send your questions and comments to or tweet them to @PostShowRecaps.


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