Succession Final Season Week 9 Wrap Up Show


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Succession Final Season Week 9 Wrap Up Show

It’s time to go Full Beast with Post Show Recaps’ coverage of “Succession,” the HBO TV series about an all-powerful family and the chaos left in their wake. Josh Wigler (@roundhoward), Jess Sterling (@TheJessSterling) and Grace Leeder (@HiFromGrace) recap each episode of “Succession,” which airs on HBO and HBO Max.

This week, Josh and Jess welcome Marissa Garza (@marzbars) onto the podcast to wrap up the ninth week of the final “Succession” season, going over headlines from the week, listener feedback and more.

You can watch the video version of this podcast at at your leisure.

From the Podcast:

Writers Strike podcast w/ Justin Shanes

Strike-related: How WGA strike impacts HBO lineup

Variety interview with Natalie Gold

Vanity Fair interview with Kieran Culkin

THR Interview with James Cromwell

Mark Mylod breaks down Season 4 Episode 3

Baseball theory about Tom and his name

Succession Theme Song by Jamie Strowhiro

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