Summer Movie 2021 Review | ‘Jungle Cruise,’ ‘The Green Knight,’ and ‘Pig’

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Summer Movie 2021 Review | ‘Jungle Cruise,’ ‘The Green Knight,’ and ‘Pig’

Grab your popcorn, because Post Show Recaps is here with some movie reviews! It’s a Post Show Recaps Theater triple feature, brought to you by hosts Grace (@HiFromGrace) and Ariel (@ThatOtherAriel).
In the first episode of their new monthly movie review series, Grace and Ariel are talking about three films from the summer of 2021. Those movies, as well as time codes for each discussion, are as follows:

1. “Jungle Cruise” (8:45)

2. “The Green Knight” (35:30)

3. “Pig” (1:10:50)

Send your feedback to Grace and Ariel on Twitter, or chat with them directly in the Post Show Recaps patron discord. We hope you enjoy the show!
Rob Cesternino & Josh Wigler, TV Recapper

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